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I was really excited about taking a beginning photography class my friend Whitney (Dove Wedding Photography) was teaching, but I had no idea how truly excited I'd be with the results. I am officially 100% able to shoot in manual mode with my DSLR camera and actually come out with pretty good results if I do say so myself! ;)

(The collage is work of all of the students).

It took a good 4 years to get to this point…I've had my trusty Canon Rebel XT for that long using Auto function and now it is finally getting some good use. I used my 50mm lens for most of the class and came out with great results. I can't wait to apply what I've learned to lots of baby photos. :)

The first two days consisted of lecture and practice around the downtown Nashville Dove studios, and the final day we headed out to Cedarwood to do a real shoot with a recent bride and groom (friends of Whitney & Peter).

Taking the class when you're 9 months pregnant is a small feat…check out this photo of us…I'm the one in the back left  sitting in a chair shooting (getting down on the ground just wasn't working out at this point and I was tiiiirrred at this point in the day. LOL!


Here are the two images I shot that Whitney featured on their blog (she picked some of our best work from each of the students:



A few more of my favorites:

(8 of 16)

(3 of 16)

(15 of 16)

I made a whole album of my favorites that I played with in Lightroom when I got home. You can click here to view.

Whitney is offering the class again in March, and other classes are being developed for the future (can't wait for the Lightroom one). Locals, you can contact to get on their newsletter list to find out about upcoming class schedules.


Aimster-KY says:

How very beautiful, Amber! You’re truly talented! How lucky you are to be so close to such a master.
Can’t wait to see baby pics! By the way, how’s the nursery coming?

I love the picture of the bride sitting against the gray/blue wall. Her red hair really pops in that picture! You did a great job. Is this something you are interested in on a professional level?

Michon says:

You never cease to amaze me! A class like that at nine months! Hats of to you talented mama!

Those pictures are great. I would be scared my brain wouldn’t remember everything they taught me but the thought of taking a class from them is enticing. They are incredible.
Your nursery is beautiful! Thanks so much for posting a link about my friend’s son on your blog. Smooch!

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