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Baby Nursery Theme : Beach/Ocean/Surf

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The big reveal of our little guy’s nursery:

This is the Conor bedding/accessory set from PB Kids…so it will look somewhat like this except we’re going to do espresso brown colored furniture.





I got this cute wooden sign on clearance that I’m going to personalize with his name on it…


And picked up this cute wire sailboat on sale as well….


At World Market, we scored not only a rustic OAR! (yes, just like the paddle in that first picture), but we also found this cute wooden beach sign (lower right)…


We’ve also picked up a small surf board, some straw picture frames, and a few different bags of seashells that I’m going to put in clear glass containers to look something like this…


I’m so excited at everything coming together…we can’t wait wait until 7 more weeks until we’re in the new house and we can order the furniture and get everything setup!


Aimster - KY says:

Oh my goodness!! This is absolutely adorable. I can tell you’re getting excited, too — what cute colors and ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Carrie says:

Yay! It will be awesome!

lauren says:

love the theme, amber!!!
you’ll be thinking of your trips to CA each time you walk into the little one’s room! :)

Julie says:

so adorable! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Stephanie says:

I LOVE the theme!!! I saw a beachy theme on Bringing Home Baby (on TLC) once and they had the cutest decor. I think there was a mural with a beach scene and a thatch roof coming out from the wall with a sign that said “Jack’s Shack”. It was adorable! I can’t wait to see pictures of your nursery when you are finished.

Debbie says:

Sooo cute, you do know there is a Pottery Barn Outlet in Memphis!!! They have so many cute things and the prices are so good. Looks like you have some great ideas. One lucky little boy.

Amber says:

I thought of you today when I saw the “Harry’s New Room” post on Anna Spiro’s blog ( – looks like a beach/nautical theme is something that can grow with him!

Amy Hand says:

This is so cute! You are so creative!

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