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Wow! 2 posts from me in one day!
Sadly, neither involve any scrappy-goodness.  I’m starting to get that itch again, really! Even hubby the other day made some sly comment how I don’t use my scrapbooking room anymore except as an office! Yikes!

I did want to give an update since I’ve received many comments or emails and have been very bad at replying to emails….

1. The house selling is going okay. We had a ton of action the first 2 weeks on the market. Lots of showings…even two that were going to put down offers. But then, nothing materialized. Nada. Zilch. And it is quite depressing. We had an open house on Sunday and with our luck, it started pouring down raining just an hour before the open house! Still, our realtor thought it went well – 5 showings during the two hours. We are trying so hard to be patient. Our dream house is still on the market thank goodness.

2. I never gave info on where we are moving! Actually only 10 minutes down the road (that is if all goes according to plan). LOL. It is a new subdivision right across the street from Old Hickory Lake. They are all on really large beautiful lots – the house we want is on almost 3/4 of an acre and is filled with trees in the back! The house is what I call our 30 year house. We never plan on moving again – for at least 30 years anyway – it is that perfect! We’ve visited it at least a dozen times since we found it one month ago and have everything planned out. Sadly not everything goes accordingly to plan in life (so everyone reminds me anyway), and our dream house is now the least expensive in the entire neighborhood. And, we cannot afford/desire any more expensive of a house, so if this is all to be, this is THE ONE.  But yes,  God has a plan. So if this doesn’t work out, it’s all good. It would just be really really nice. ;)

3. I’ve been loving the weather lately – been great for outdoors stuff. I need to share my kayak pictures from our trip two weeks ago. They are hilarious! And I’m excited that we are going white water rafting with a big group of friends at the end of this month! It has been a dream since we moved here to do that! (And yes, we are going with a rafting company NOT our kayaks just to clarify – MOM!) ;)

4. If you read this blog, leave a comment! I want to check out some of your blogs! ;)


Heather says:

Hi Amber :)
I’ve been reading your blog silently since you hosted your friend’s baby shower a very, very long time ago! I’ve truly enjoyed the journey and you inspired me to create my own blog. I also JUST LOVE the JUST ME blog by Tara that you turned me on to. So much fun!
Thanks for all your creativity throughout the years!

lauren says:

hey there!
i’ve been a loyal reader for years now!
i sure hope all works out with the houses!!! :) my fingers are crossed for you!!!
i also hope you’re back to scrapping real soon…that’s what first brought me to your blog!

Laura says:

I’ve been stalking your blog for ages now. Love your scrappin style! Coincidently, found your Dulce line at my LSS on the weekend. Can’t wait to use them!

Steph Mahoney says:

Keeping my fingers crossed that for your dream house!
So sad that we cannot making the rafting trip. It is something that I have always wanted to do. Maybe the next time around! :)

Stacy says:

Since you asked… I’m Stacy! I’m a scrapbooker. You will LOVE rafting. We have rafted the New and Gauley Rivers in West Virginia and the Pacquare in Costa Rica. It’s challenging, beautiful, inspiring, rewarding. Have fun!
Just don’t end up like this!
I’m so jealous of your kayaks… one day…

Nicole says:

Love reading your blog! Good luck on the house selling/buying! Hopefully everything will work out for you two.

Deanna says:

Hi! I’ve been around a while. Not sure how I got here in the first place but I love your photos, stories and design style.

Patti says:

Stumbled upon your blog recently and I enjoy reading it!
Best of luck with selling your house…if it’s meant to be, it will work out. Easy for me to say when I’m not the one in your position though!

Jenny says:

Have been reading your blog since theknot days. We too had tons of showings in the first two weeks…now it’s slow. :( Wishing you luck on your home sell!

Tiffany says:

I read your blog….keep it coming!

heather says:

been reading your blog for a couple of months now.. i am a new blogger and mostly enjoy looking at your photographs. you have such a great eye for light and different angles. i am interested in learning about photography and love to see different perspectives.

Anna says:

Hi Amber!
I love checking out your blog from time to time. Good luck on the house front – we’re in the same place you are. Trying to sell one and hoping our dream home doesn’t sell in the meantime. Love your scrapping style, its hard to keep up with so much other stuff going on – try adding an 11 month old to your list!!!

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