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Just a few random things to share…

1st, Rocco’s adorable Halloween costume this year! Yo-Ho-Yo-Ho A Pirate’s Life for Me!
Brandon really wants to get me my own little lap dog one day so I can leave Rocco alone. He looks so serious in this photo because Brandon is waving a doggie treat by my head for me to get this picture. :)


A few fall decor pieces (a TINY fraction of the Halloween decor explosion that our house is). More of that in a later post!




And…I never have shown off our guest room. It is right at the top of the stairs and the print on this bedspread is always so cheerful. Brandon still can’t believe I talked him into purchasing something so GIRLY and PINK for that room and wants to switch it out, but I love it! I found the idea of putting various photo frames along the perimeter of a room/wall from a Pottery Barn catalog. It was only until the wedding last month that I put photos in there! Those were all empty frames for over a year! (you could say I have trouble following through with things ;) ) I ended up putting pictures from Nashville tourist places that we’ve taken family to. It seems fitting since the only people who stay in here are from out of town. :)

Just a glimpse…this is the view as you come up the stairs. ;)


I hosted our monthly Bunco last night at our house and I’m soooo tired! It was too much fun! 16 girls, bottles of wine, tons of yummy snacks, a chocolate fountain, and gambling! What could be better?!! ;)

I scrapped 5 honeymoon pages today! Hoping to do more this weekend and share with y’all. :)


mom says:

You’re so clever and such a decroator . I wonder when that came from. I think Brandon is so right poor Rocco!!!But one dog is enough. Miss you…sounds like you had alot of fun with bunco. Love MOm

Ali McLaughlin says:

Rocco is so cute! I love that bedspread too!

Kim says:

OH gosh.. I love that quilt!!! but have to admit my dh would react the same :)) love the frames/photos around the room.. sounds like we share that ‘follow thru’ missing gene ;) love your blog.. keep em comin’

Julie says:

LOVE that bedspread. Noticed it in the pic you took of your wedding stuff for the reception. It definitely catches the eye! Rocco looks so cute! I don’t believe my 17 year old cat or 12 year old dog would appreciate being dressed up @ their age, but that’s why I have the kids-LOL Good for you scrapping your honeymoon! I’m just catching up and doing Nov. 2005 in both girls’ books.

Carrie says:

Your guestroom is wonderful! I would love to stay in in, so fun, yet relaxing all at once! Absolutely LOVE the Happy Halloween Banner….did you make that yourself?????
Love the blog… the pics of your home & your decorating sense & style! Keep sharing!!!!

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