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My mom called me this afternoon to let me know my (great) Aunt JoAnn is in the hospital. The doctors believe she has pancreatic cancer. The prognosis does not look good whatsoever. We will know more tomorrow.

This is sudden and shocking for us all. If you could kindly add her and our family to your prayers, it is appreciated..

My aunt and uncle were the last couple standing at our anniversary dance at our wedding. They have been married for over 46+ wonderful years. :) Such a wonderful, good person with a huge heart and a big smile. I love her so very much. 





tricia says:

lifting up prayers for her and your family now.

Steph Mahoney says:

I am so sorry to hear about your great aunt. I will definitely be keeping her and her family in my thoughts and prayers.

kristina says:

Sending prayers up for your great aunt, you and your family. Big hugs. Hoping the news you hear today is more positive.

Amber, I will definitely be praying for your aunt, and for comfort for you and your family in the days to come.

sherrivonl says:

amber, this post just makes my stomach hurt. i am so terribly sorry to read this and your update above it. :o( i remember them being the last couple standing at your wedding and thinking how sweet to be together for so long. my heart is aching for you and your family and i will certainly add you all to my prayers.
on a lighter note, betty told me where your house that you want is, and can i tell you that it is ACROSS THE STREET from the lot i so desperately wanted to build a house on but stupid builder guy didn’t return phone calls and stood us up at our meeting…so we ended up not building there. too funny huh?

Ali McLaughlin says:

I will keep her in my prayers.. hugs.
Can you send me your email?? I cleared out all my messages, and forgot to save you as a contact.. I had a few questions to ask you.

Care says:

Amber – I saw your post on Brendan’s blog. I am so sorry for what you are going through. It is not easy, I know. Email me if I can be of any help at all.
(Did you see that one of Julie’s close friends / spiritual advisers left a comment with verses for you?)
Take care,

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