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Brandon’s family have been evacuated from their Rancho Bernardo home in San Diego this morning due to the numerous wildfires. They were only able to take a few photos from the piano, important papers and their cats before firefighters rushed them out of their house. They are safe (closer to the coast) and staying at a family’s house, but their home is in great danger along with thousands of others.

It’s so sad to hear reports from them about how much worse this is than the Cedar fire a few years ago (that was the worst fire in 100 years). They reported seeing horses running on 1-15 from ranchers who are letting their animals go free so they have a chance to survive.  Firefighters are also fighting to save the San Diego Wild Animal park (near their house) because they have no place to transport all the exotic animals.

My brother in law’s girlfriend’s parents house is only one of two houses that are standing after the fire ripped through their neighborhood overnight in Ramona. Her dad is a retired firefighter and spent all night on the roof with a garden hose.

Please keep our family (and the rest of the people in so. calif) in your prayers today. Thanks!


sunshine says:

Amber I am so sorry to hear about the fires. I am a stronge believe in prayer and I will keep all those dear to your heart in my thughts. At a time like this we have to reflect on the good and that is that they are safe and away from the danger.
On another note Congratulations. It has been a few weeks since I have been by to visit the blog. It seems liek you had a wonderful wedding day. And from the honeymoon picture on your header life looks good.
Please keep us update on what is happening.
Take Care, Sunshine

kristina says:

Prayers going up for your loved ones and everything else in the path of those fires! I lost everything I owned in a fire back in 2002 and I know how devestating it can be! Thinking positive thoughts and sending prayers up!

Ali McLaughlin says:

Sorry to hear about that.. Sending prayers for them.

Aimee says:

oh that is so awful. i have a very good friend outside san diego that lost her home to the wildfires in 2003. my prayers for your family.

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