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37 Weeks & Prepping for Baby

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37weeksweb (202 of 3)So this is what 37 Weeks Feels Like.
The end is in sight…so close yet still weeks away.
Lots of funny, not-so-good pains. My back especially. Ugh. Every little twitch and jerk and cramp I wonder, "is this it?"…and then of course, it isn't. Excited. Tired. Feeling large and puffy. (lol) So many things in my head…


So, in preparation for baby, a few things are ending up in my online shopping basket these days…and some other things I'm getting organized…

1). Creating Keepsakes Sweet Baby Kit
I have one other CK Kit of the Month I purchased last year (a destination-travel theme) that I used for our Puerto Rico trip, and I loved it. (Hmm…I don't think I ever shared pictures of the pages, so I'll have to do that…)I was surfing some other blogs and saw some pages done with it, and I think it will be perfect for me to use for the first year. (The paper it comes with is reversible so it works for both boy or girl. I haven't done nearly any scrapbooking since I've been pregnant, so I'm looking forward to getting back into it!

2). Brooke Burke's Belly Wrap
Hey, if Brooke Burke can look like that after four kids, she must be doing something right! I'll let you know how it goes and if it helps any. :) Even my dentist's (female, 30-something, just had a baby a few months ago) first piece of advice was to get one of these. LOL. I plan on doing Weight Watchers and some of Brandon's P90X DVD's as my plan post-baby. I'm soooo excited to wear my wardrobe again.

3). Hospital Bag Packing
I have a pretty good list right now of what I'm going to bring and my bag is about half packed. My childbirth classes (which were the best – totally recommend to any first time Mom!) really helped with this. The delivery nurses at the hospital taught these, so I know exactly what to expect and what I can or can't have or should or shouldn't bring. That said, please do share if there's anything you really couldn't live without and I'll see if it's not on my list! 

Cominghome (201 of 3) 

Cominghome (202 of 3)

A few of my friends have asked about baby's coming home outfit. I'm happy to share this with you…it is a cute little simple teddy-bear set complete with hat and mittens…it's one of the few newborn outfits we received. It was given to us by my Auntie Eleanor (yes, I'm 28 and I think I will always call her "Auntie" vs. "Aunt"), my Mom's long-time friend, who was there the day I was born, which makes it all the more special. We have a back-up or two in case this little guy ends up being a big boy and needing something larger, but I'm holding out that this will work.

4). Birth Photography
This, I am especially excited about. Though most people who are not into photography or scrapbooking as much as I am, look at me like I'm crazy to be doing this. My friend Amber V.  is going to be present during the end of labor, the delivery and the special moments after, to catch all of it photojournalistic style. I approached Amber a few months ago about this and we have been working out all the details…

Brandon and my family have come to grips over the years with my insistence at capturing everything on film, but this is an all-time new one for them. I am sure that yes, while they could attempt with the point-and-shoot camera like everyone else, they know I would never be happy with their photo skills, and especially with something as important as this…so the type-A person in me is leaving it to the professional, and a friend I feel comfortable with. The way I look at it, one less thing they have to worry about and instead can just sit back and cater to me and baby (Ha). Plus, there is the fact that if baby comes before my Mom arrives by plane, and it's just me and Brandon, I want someone else there to help capture this for all our friends and family far-away.

 To see examples of the look we're going for:


I've been going at the same pace as I always do, and I'm finally slowing down these last couple days…this week I'm trying to get EVERYTHING done on my to-do list (design wise) so there is nothing to worry about…I completed a photography class the past couple weekends…we had a real bride and groom photo shoot with real people…I will share the outcome of that here soon! :)

Then it's time for relaxing and waiting patiently for baby. So excited the weather is blessing us with 60+ degree days for the next week. :)


Amy says:

I am so excited for you. You will love being a mom. :) Good luck with the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Amy Hand says:

You look beautiful, Amber! Can’t wait to meet the little guy soon!

lauren says:

oh Amber, i am so excited you are going to be exploring the world of birth photography!! i have always wanted someone close to me to do this!!! i can live vicariously through you — my blog friend! hehe!
seriously though, let us know how it works out. i’m sure it will help that you are partnering w/ a close friend. i will definitely be doing this when/if i ever have a child. can’t wait! :)
so excited for you & b!!

Sara says:

YOu look great! I am currently doing P90X with Max and we love it and it is kicking out butts. I will send you before and after pics. I am combining it with my weight watchers. When you are ready we can chat. Can’t wait to see the little guy. Wish I could be there.

Julie says:

Dh took pics both time with both girls being born (off and on between the pushing)(my SIL helped more with my breathing because, well..she’d “been there, done that 3 times” and I think it was one of the best things we did. For me, personally, it was kind of like an out-of-body experience. I was so focused on breathing, etc. that I couldn’t really pay attention to all that was going on. I couldn’t seem to keep my eyes open much either for some reason. I don’t think you’ll regret it. I wished I could have videotaped it (first one I said no, second one I said yes, but she came too fast (I pushed for 10 min.)…but dh left the camera on so you can hear a bit of the commotion but black screen. LOL My outfit for my second child didn’t even make it on her. It was so hot that day (90 degrees in March…go figure) and what I had packed I had packed a month ahead when it was cooler…so my second kid came home in her hospital shirt! On another note, bring candy you can suck on if you get hungry and they won’t let you eat or drink. I, personally, was ravished after both kids were born and promptly sucked down a burger, fries, shake after the first one and a turkey sandwich, fries and iced mocha after the second one. LOL I’m getting SOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you both. I can’t wait to see his little face and saw “awwwwww” I love babies!!!!!!!!!!!

Becky Trump says:

So so excited for you, friend!
You are so on top of everything, girl! LOve the idea of photographer being there so you can sit back and relax!
Can’t wait!

Becky Trump says:

P.S. My mom and grandma totally vouch for the wraps. Back in their days, though, they just slept in girdle type wraps…but you can bet I will be getting one of those when the time come.

Lauren H. says:

I’m interested to hear how the belly wrap goes. Sounds very promising! My boss used something similar…more like a corset. She swears by it. I recommend breast feeding. :)
If you’re going to do WW let me know. Once I’m done BF’ing, I’m going to need to do something. We can be WW buddies.

Amber Ulmer says:

love the coming home outfit amber!
Oh, we are doing birth photography too! A photographer friend of mine did it for her sister and posted an amazing slideshow and my SIL is going to be doing this for us! She’s got a killer eye and is going to be using my camera. I can’t wait! Love the photojournalistic style!
Well maybe I’ll see you at my shower… maybe not depending on when lil Colin decides to make an entry! :)

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