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Puerto Rico – not so Rico – Part 1

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So…many are all wondering how our trip to Puerto Rico was. The best way to sum it all up was – no matter how much was thrown at us, we survived. Thanks goodness we were traveling with another couple, our friends Matt & Joyce. We all agreed had we gone on our individual selves, our marriages would be over.

Let’s see…it rained about 80% of the time we were there. I was EATEN ALIVE by every bug known (but not very visible to the eye) – mosquitos, sand fleas, etc. I look like I’ve had chicken pox and they STILL itch. UGH! We went on a scuba dive excursion one day only for me to get SEA SICK and I only was able to dive the first tank – the other half of the trip I was gripping on to the side poles for dear life when I wasn’t hanging my head of the side. In search of sun, we took a 1 1/2 hour long ferry ride to an off-cost island where we encountered 8′ swells along the way and we all started to turn green. At this said island, it was a ghost town. We could find no one to serve us food or drink because of the holiday. We took an itty bitty plane to get back on mainland. Lastly, we felt completely ripped off by everyone everywhere we went.

But hey, I got some nice photos!  They make it look like it was paradise the whole time! ;)


The first rainy day we headed to Old Town San Juan to check out the stores and the old Spanish forts…

I loved this door! Sadly Brandon wasn’t cooperating with photo-taking; he could totally tell this pose came from our wedding photographers Dove. Ha!


Thank goodness Joyce is like me and loves to eat the "local" food when traveling. We were all over Old town just trying to find the perfect place for breakfast. We found it! I think were the only non-locals in there. Mmmmm…this was the best! Some sort of pastry bread grilled with ham and cheese, then topped with powdered sugar. Never had anything like it before. And the coffee was pretty awesome the whole trip. Matt made us all espresso drinkers by the end (with milk of course for Brandon and I).


So many cool doors in Old Town. This was my favorite. Old town reminded me a lot of New Orleans – minus the rotten milk smell, crack heads and kids tap dancing with bottle caps on their shoes!


Pastry shop window – mmmmm!


View from one of the forts in Old Town.


Cool window in the fort…


More recap tomorrow of the rest of our trip in San Juan/Isla Verde and then on to the other part of the island WHERE THE TRIP GOES FURTHER DOWNHILL.




Amber Ulmer says:

So sorry your trip wasnt’ so hot… bummer… enjoying the pics though!!! talk to you soon! xoxo

kristina says:

Sorry the trip wasn’t what you all had hoped, but the photos are gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing more and hearing some more of the recap! :)

Ali McLaughlin says:

Sorry it wasn’t the best time.. cracking me up though with this post. Love that first shot.. I have on with Mike sort of similar from this weekend.. he thought I was crazy as well, until he saw how the shot turned out.. men, they are so difficult!!! lol.

Julie says:

Amber, you have me hanging on my seat. Can’t wait to hear the rest. I here I was complaining about Motel Hell in Custer City, Montana back in August, 1989 where the water was green (and smelly), our door to the double wide (it was converted into a hotel) wouldn’t close all the way so we had to prop a chair up underneath the knob, we had green shag carpeting and our toilet turned into a beday (sp?) when you flushed. Needless to say, we had to sleep there since it was in the middle of nowhere and late…so we insisted on not sleeping in the bed, but had our sleeping bag between us and the bed. I swear it was the longest night of my life. I’d rather go through natural childbirth than sleep in that hotel again! LOL
Anyway, can’t wait to read how the rest of your vacation went!

Oh my, I am sorry you had such terrible trip… it reminds of the night Peter & I were supposed to get engaged. We were on a boat Casino cruise during a storm and were either laying on the tables or in the bathroom sick for the 5 hour ride. He proposed the next night instead.
The doors are awesome! I’m such a sucker for fun doors… thanks for the homage!
Can’t wait to hear the rest of it, at least you will have a great story to tell!

Liliana Ferrer says:

awww i’m so sorry to hear the trip was horrible. I guess it was all bad timing you probably got there around the raining season. But honestly Puerto Rico is so much fun, especially if you go with someone who is from that country. I’m Puerto Rican so i go over there often, and i’ve been out there in the raining season and it does suck, there are tons of bugs too. But try to go another time like in april or june, or summer in general. the weather is beautiful and they have a lot of tourist attractions and fun stuff going on. but the pictures look great! Your making me miss the food out there lol!

Lola Walls says:

Im so sorry about your personal experience in the island.
Before going anywhere I recommend you to search about the place**. Puerto Rico is a tropical island (may-november rains every day, that is why is a tropical island) , warm weather all 365 days, with high humidity (that is why the bugs… you can buy Off insect repeller,it helps!).. Old town for you….aka Viejo San Juan is one of the hidden treasures in the Caribbean…
If you are not use to the sea… you can take dramamine… You are in the Caribbean!

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