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"Truth is a deep kindness that teaches us to be content in our everyday life and share with the people the same happiness." ~ Kahlil Gibran

This Kahil guy obviously wasn’t from the 21st century….

I was on some sort of Dixie Chicks kick the other week. Kept playing the same CD over and over again on the ride to and from work…the lyrics in their song "More Love" kept catching me in my mindless driving…

"We’re afraid to be idle
So we fill up the days
We run on the treadmill
Keep slavin’ away

’til there’s no time for talkin’
About trouble in mind
And the doors are all closed
Between your heart and mine…"

I’m not in need of "more love" by any means (my guy has been home all week!) ;) but the part about filling up our days is what kept catching me. Isn’t that what we seem to always do? There are always dozens of emails to be replied, phone calls to be returned, errands to run…it just never seems to end. This so-called everyday life.

But every passing day I seem to get more "plugged in" to something else.

Meg, a gal at my work, was sipping her coffee out of one of those Starbucks "my view of the world cups" (or whatever they’re called) this morning, and I caught the sentence where it says Americans spend an average of thirty something hours watching TV each week. It made me think, "geez, I hardly ever watch television. I wonder what my computer consumption would be though…"

I literally receive or send an average of 60 emails at work each day. And that’s at work alone. Count in my own personal ones or for and I’m usually topping around 80-90. I sit at work all day long – at a computer – and likely spend 6.5 of my 8 hours on it and using it. I come home and am likely to spend anywhere from another 1-3 hours surfing blogs, doing maintenance, etc. – and I consider this to be my "free ‘fun’ time"…am I CRAZY?!?!

Where in the heck did Life go anyway? I had a feeling I was moving toward a new ‘action plan’ that needed to be implemented in my everyday life (I’m always "in progress" I like to think), ;)  but it’s this kind of truth laid out that smacks me in the face.

I really want to get back to the good things in life.

So tell me oh-wise-blog-reader…are you content with the truth of your everyday life? ;)

Signing off at 11:35 pm – yikes! get me off of this thing!!!


Alicia says:

I love that you wrote about this topic. I too read tons of emails, spend lots of time on the phone and completing my masters degree after work… my “personal” time has been completely taken away.
I do however find time to enjoy the everyday mudane things – like the sunrise on the way to work, good music, photography and talking to my family and friends. Certainly there are things I love about my life and things I really want to change – but it’s all about balance – each day I balance who I am with who I want to be – and everyday I try to get closer to the person I want to be.

Mimi says:

Very good thoughts, Amber!

Jenn says:

I would have to say, no, unfortunately. There are so many things that get put to the “back burner” for me (like spending time with friends and family) in order to do what I need to do to earn a paycheck. I’m not enjoying my job very much right now, so I am feeling a bit bitter, sorry. But I am frustrated that I spend so much time working at a job that doesn’t pay me much (I’m a teacher), and that I work such long hours at and that stresses me out so much… I guess my question now is, what am I going to do about it? I am figuring that out. Thanks for making me “think” about this!

Maria says:

This was a great post. I so agree with you! Life keeps moving on too fast! This is why sometimes just enjoying the simple pleasures of life is so important. Sometimes we must take a break and follow our bliss.
I think this is why blogging can be so fun…it helps you “record” memories…just like in a journal and share your experiences. It helps you keep an account of those little moments that sometimes go un-noticed.

Nancy says:

I love posts like this…ones that really make me think. I often wish there was a forum in which we could all share ideas, quotes, books, stories, etc that really make us think about LIFE. Don’t you?

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