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Real Wedding Awards on The Knot

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So it’s no surprise that I spent a lot of time on when I was planning our wedding. :)

Well, now they are having a contest for 2007 wedding submissions. The grand prize winner gets a safari trip to Africa and is published in knot magazine. Cool, no? :)

They will be narrowing down finalists who received the most top ratings at the end March. So if you have a few minutes to spare, I would love it if you could sign up (really takes only 2 minutes and is a really short form) and place a vote for us!!! :) Pretty please? :) Here’s our page:

It was really hard narrowing down 7 photos since we have so many great ones…I’m still wishing we could submit just a couple more so I could really show the story of our day….

Here were some that were submitted/almost submitted….all by the wonderfully talented Dove Wedding Photography
Realwedding1_2  Realwedding2

Realwedding7_2  Realwedding156

Realwedding157  Realwedding152

Realwedding3  Realwedding9

Realwedding4  Realwedding8 


lauren says:

i voted for your wedding, amber and for Dove Wedding Photography’s beautiful photos! i loved all of your beautiful details! if you were located in my area [and if i was getting married in the near future...that's always important ;)], i’d love to work with you on coordination. i’ll just continue to get some great hints from both your blog and the “A Delightful Day” blog. thanks for sharing! :)

kristina says:

Off to sign up and vote for you guys! Good luck! What an awesome prize! Crossing fingers!! :)

tricia says:

i am spending lots of time on theknot right now (getting married this fall) and your pictures are by far some of the most beautiful i’ve seen.

Ok..I just left a comment (after signing up)..I hope that is considered “voting”…:)

mom says:

I voted but can we vote more than once cuz I did!!!!!

Jojo says:

Goodluck Amber! Those photos are just beautiful!

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