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Reason #1,467 I love living here.

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These little guys come out in the summer time, usually after a rain. People even stop traffic and get out of their cars to help these guys cross the road. But it hasn’t rained much this year so there haven’t been as many. Brandon has found a few this year wandering around the yard, all little guys. One was even the size of credit card (yeah, I can’t really come up with any good size comparisons better than that-lol). 

Contrary to popular belief, these guys are fast! And for some reason I hear people around here calling them "terrapins" rather than "turtles."

Ah, whatever! Just another cool thing about TN I had to share. :)


Ali Mclaughlin says:

Cool photo! How cute!

Lauren M says:

I think there is a college in Maryland that has the Terrapin as their mascot!

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