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"Teach us delight in the simple things."

A good reminder for myself when I feel a bit melancholy like I have today.

Since we’ve been here, it’d be honest to admit there have been times when I wondered why and what we were doing here.

And sometimes, the answer can be found in the simplest of things:


Life is definitely more simple here. I’m learning to adjust to the slower pace, to appreciating the simple pleasures that can be found taking Rocco to the park above, or just sitting out on our front porch.

But among all these wonderful things, in my own little world, it’s just different. Some days are just hard for me.


I have decided I want to plan a little garden area in our backyard. We spent some time at Lowe’s this weekend, and I was excited looking at all the magazines…all the possibilities. We’ve never lived in a place where things just grew so naturally. I think a garden will be a happy little project.

And tomorrow, I’m going to pick up some pansies for the front yard. Something tells me being out in the sunshine and getting my hands dirty will lift my spirits. :)

Happy Sunday.


Laura says:

Amber, I know just how you feel when you talk about wondering why you’re there and what you’re doing. We just left Nashville a week ago for our *new* home in KY. Talk about things being at a slower pace! I guess I’m used to the pace in Nashville, so that’s my average, and as rural as it probably feels to you right now, this is waaaay too rural for me. But I guess we just have to “bloom where we’re planted”. OMG that feels so hard right now!

Alyson says:

Hi Amber! It’s totally refreshing to hear someone who knows EXACTLY what I’ve been feeling. We moved here in June, and I think I stopped crying everyday at Christmas. And that was only because I finally realized that home is where Mike is, and while being away from everyone in Vegas hurt a lot, it felt REALLY good to look at all this beauty and know that we were making our OWN home, here. I hope your garden grows with sunshine and love and makes you feel at HOME! :)

Maria says:

Happy thoughts to you! Hope your garden blooms soon so you can enjoy your new place and find the joy of the simple things in an entirely new way!

Laurie Patterson says:

Amber I feel your pain. I moved from Michigan to Massachusetts 6 1/2 years ago. My entire (immediate) family lives in Lansing, MI and I still miss them very much. But my husband lives here and I needed to join him when we got married. You’ll meet many new people in your new home and make lots of friends. But until then know that you have all of us here to keep you company. Good luck in your garden. Be sure to post photos.

Sherri says:

Amber…. {{{}}} I know it is hard to move away. Even with family here, there were times I felt lonely when I first moved here. It is definitely a different pace. I would go back “home” to visit and I would miss things there, but then I was always glad to come back here. Each time I went back I missed there less and less. Good luck with your garden, it really will be a fun project. Do you like hockey? Wanna go to a hockey game?

doris says:

ha! i KNEW it! you were sitting home alone depressed . . . the next time i don’t hear from you for too long i’m going to start harrassing you! :(

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