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Looking for some songs to add to my iPod for gym workouts…please share some of your favorite fast upbeat songs and artists from your playlists! :)

Feeling sore from yesterday, but awoke today with renewed energy. I could get used to this…


Lauren J. for 30 more days! says:

In no particular order, but I’m loving #1 right now.
1. Ring the Alarm – Beyonce
2. Heaven – DJ Sammy and some other folks
3. Hollaback Girl – Gwen Stefani
4. Sexy Back – JT
5. Hey Ya! – Outkast
6. The Distance – Cake
7. Dance, Dance – Fall Out Boy
8. Black Horse and the Cherry Tree – KT Tunstall
9. Promiscous – Nelly Furtado feat. Timbaland
10. Here it Goes Again – OK Go
11. Crazy B***h – Buckcherry (great Lake song as well)
And some oldies but goodies:
1. Frontline – Attaboy Skip
Let me know if you need some more :)

Lauren - Again says:

I just remembered 1 more. (Can you tell I’m not busy at work?)
Canned Heat – Jamiroquai (the song Napoleon Dynamite dances to at the end of the movie)
Okay, that’s it…for now!

Juls says:

All Star – Smashmouth (good walking beat)
It’s Not Right, But It’s OK – Whitney Houston
What I Like About You – The Romantics
Two Princes – Spin Doctors
Just a Girl – No Doubt
The Shake – Neal McCoy
Anything upbeat from Kelly Clarkson
Goodbye Earl – Dixie Chicks
Sunshine & Summertime – Faith Hill
Some are good walking beats, some faster. But those are some songs that make me happy and move when I’m on the treadmill.

Stacy says:

Some of my favorites are
Hung Up by Madonna
Crazy by Gnarls Barkley
And since these are workout songs, here are some really body-conscious songs…
Hips don’t lie by Shakira
Milkshake by Kelis
And I’ll second Sexy Back and Hollaback Girl.
Have fun!

Lisa says:

I like Rascal Flatts Me and My Gang, Martina McBrides This Ones for the Girls, Rob Thomas’ This is how a Heart Breaks.

Deanna says:

Have you heard “I don’t feel like dancing” by the Scissor Sisters. It makes me wanna move every time.

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