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Loving every page of this book: Marley & Me


A dog lover? You must read this book. A fellow Lab owner? You will relate to everything in this book.

I originally bought it for Brandon and this was probably the first book that he has raved on and on about. There are so many similarities between our story and the couple’s in this book.

Reading this book makes me constantly want to pet and cuddle with our pup Rocco. I’m amazed at how big he’s grown and all the memories we’ve had with him in the past two years. So very happy He chose this particular dog to be in our life.

Loved looking at some photos of when we first brought him home (boy did we have NO IDEA what we were in for…he was just a cute little fuzzy ball…)

A good sign of things to come:


We think this is when Rocco first started believing that he is actually a cat:


Our little man – the only male of the litter – on the far right.


Just want to add that now that I have you cooing over my sweet puppy photos….

I don’t recommend going out and getting yourself one of these fuzzy little balls of hell. Okay, maybe that’s harsh…but really, if we ever did or do it ever again, we will be finding ourselves a grown yellow lab – perferably a rescue. Puppies and dogs are SO much more work than they were years ago. There are so many fancy techniques and training that I certainly do not remember doing as a kid with my own childhood dogs…but they are the only way to go these days.

So please, rescue a dog if you can. Train your dog by taking him to Petsmart, etc. Socialize your dog. Exercise your dog by taking it on walks. Do not leave it in the backyard thinking that is exercise enough. And for God sakes, spay or neuter your dog! Too many rednecks around here don’t and the amount of strays I see daily is so sad and frustrating.

This is Bob Barker for the Price is Right.



Hollye says:

I totally agree with you. I paid HIGH dollar for my cocker spaniel, Maxie. She has cost me about 6 times in vet bills what I paid for her. Then there is Betty Boop. My rescue cocker spaniel. She is the best dog I have ever owned. She was almost 2 years when I got her, so we skipped the whole puppy phase. And I HATED the puppy phase with Maxie. Spaniels are chewers and she chewed up everything in my house! Our next dog…which will be YEARS from now will be another rescue.

Kristen says:

That’s so crazy, I saw this book in Target this past weekend and wondered if it was good. I’m planning on getting it from the library tomorrow. Can’t wait to start reading it.

Stephanie says:

I LOVED this book! It totally made me cry though, but in a good way. :-)

Heather Preckel says:

You crack me up Amber..fuzzy little ball from hell! Too funny! Love it! I have wanted to read this book for sometime now but just haven’t taken the time to buy it…I must go to B&N and get it now! ;) Cute pictures too!

michellewoods says:

Loved hanging out with you last night. You are FUNNY when you get tired!! And I so noticed your cute jean jacket and loved it. So where did you find it? My problem is trying to find one with the sleeves long enough….frustrating.
On the dog subject. DH would so wants to get a lab and I am totally opposed until my current children are grown. Then I will start over again with a dog.

emily says:

Those pictures are adorable!!! That book is at the top of my reading list!!

Kelley says:

Ha! I got a kick out of your “Bob Barker” comment…I totally just said that the other day! My little chihuahua is getting neutered this Friday and my fiance is having a very hard time with it. He’s making me out to be some horrible mean person!!
And those puppy pics are adorable! But I’ve owned a lab (black) in the past, and know first hand that they are full of energy!!!!

annkelli says:

I heard the author of this book on a morning show and thought it sounded fantastic.
We have a Golden (part goat/vulture depending on the day) but we love her!
My Amber has a rescue puppy and our neighbor just got a new one.
Fun seeing you this weekend!

Shell says:

I’ll have to see if the library has this in! Rosco our chocolate lab was a “fuzzy little ball from hell” at times too! Mind you he is the most adorable teenage dog now!

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