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They really hooked Lauren & Matt up with an incredible view at the Paris. I’ve been in/stayed in a lot of Strip hotels in my day, and I can say this is definitely one of the good ones! We were able to watch the Bellagio fountains go off all morning long…


Token makeup table shot ;) Cool chair in the background too! ;)


Lauren had her very own ‘Harry Winston’ jewels – well a family friend anyway – let her borrow this GORGEOUS pearl and diamond set.


I like this one I caught of the boys…getting ready to head downstairs to gamble a bit and shake off some of Matt’s jitters – then again he doesn’t look too nervous…

Ah, yes and there’s my guy up front looking at me, thinking, "is there going to be a camera in my face like this in 8 months?…I’m so not cool with this…"


Miss thang gettin’ her hair ‘did.


Us lovely bridesmaids…totally loved my ‘do! Her hair guy was a total pro and super fun too!


Do good genes run in this family or what?!? Beautiful Mom and one of the many family friends that stopped by. (Happy to catch them laughing with no blur…er…pay no attn to family friends left hand…)  ;)


Yep – she’s still the same Lauren I’ve known since we were 15 years old…. ;)


Sadly, my only shot of her in the veil – and is much too dark – and was pretty much only working in black and white. Darn window. Pretend I was aiming for a silohuette type portrait, okay?!! ;D 


All in all, pretty happy with my results of my ameteur pre-wedding shooting. It’s so true that you snap a way a ton but only end up with a dozen or handful that you really like and can ‘play’ with. And thank goodness for Photoshop! Totally loving all the fun things you can tweak with every photo.

Hugs to you Mrs. Huber! ;)

I owe a lot of my photoshopping skills to this wonderful little action set I recommend to anyone!  (Works with full version Photoshop only.)


Ali says:

Love the photos Amber! What a beautiful bride! Glad you had fun.. sorry I couldn’t chat more, things are super busy here, but I will talk to you when I get home from our trip.

Mrs. H says:

Forget hiring the professionals, you did a great job with these photos! What fun!! 8 more months until we get to do it again!

jen says:

Hi! I saw your introduction on Amber’s Ludlow’s blog (i’m also taking the class) which led me to your page.. anyway, I think you did such a great job with these shots! Love the jewelry shot (Harry Winston jewels huh??! NICE!-) and the candid shots too..the moms..the bride-to-be getting her hair done..
It looks you’ve got this wedding thing down! :)

Amber Ulmer says:

Beautimous pics girlie!!! Good fun!!! xoxo

Hollye says:

Amber…what kind of camera do you have?

kellidarr says:

Love, love the pictures:) Looks like so much fun!
And you are too funny!—Your banner is cracking me up!

These look great! I especially love the photographs of the pearls. And the one of her in the veil is beautiful… I don’t think it is too dark at all, it is very romantic. :)

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