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Sick of My House Yet? ;)

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Excited to see daylight photos!!




More to come tomorrow! Brandon did a mini-walkthrough today and the builders have a few things to fix, but nothing major. Today they are to finish up a WHOLE LOT of stuff…granite being put in, carpet laid, painting in some of the other rooms…it’s really coming together!


Ali says:

It’s just beautiful Amber!

Juls says:

Amber, your house is just beautiful! I can’t wait to come to Nashville to see it. I’m so excited for you and Brandon!

Amber…The house is just amazing!! I’m so happy for you both! Would love to see more pics of the inside!! Just BEAUTIFUL!

Syb says:

Looks fabulous girlie!!!! I am so flipping excited for you! Can’t wait to see more pics and have to say I just love that kitchen! Miss you girie! Hope to see you soon! Hugs, Syb

that house is gorgeous! i gather judging by the abundance of land and the trees and the brick that you are no longer in Vegas
congrats on the new house!

Kellie says:

Wow Amber! Your house is just gorgeous! Worth leaving Vegas for I bet, lol.

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