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Sigh of relief and exhaustion…

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Just got home from Vegas today. I think I’ve been to my "old home" almost every 45 days this year whether for work or pleasure, and it’s been exhausting! This time it was for work. And work we did, as well as induldge at a couple of very nice restaurants (side perk to going with work, I don’t eat at these nice places on my own!)…

Last night was dinner at MIX at the top of THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay. Stunning decor (Click here to see a photo). Amazing view of the strip.

One thing I have come to recognize is that dining out at these fancy places sometimes makes you think you’re important or that you are among special people. And I absolutely hate that. It’s almost a fantasy world when you walk into these places or ultra-lounges and the wait staff fall over every word you say. I find myself slowly drifting toward those thoughts and then later on the plane ride back  home to Nashville, I’m so happy I’m away from that lifestyle that Vegas is. I would definitely get sucked up into it and end up probably an alcoholic plastic-augmented, road hard gal by the time I was 30. No thanks.

I’ve also come to find when I go to dinner with clients, I take their lead on the ordering (or usually they order for the whole table anyway) and try to keep an open mind about trying new things. I shared a bit of my sea bass with a sales guy next to me and he shared with me some sort of "beef tenderloin with truffle and foi gras". I’m happily muching away, still trying to figure out what exactly was the odd appetizer that was placed in front of me earlier that I came to find out was some sort of caviar cream cheese concoction, when one of the clients across from me makes a snide remark about the 600 calories that were probably in every bite of the fatty duck liver topping that tenderloin.

Yes friends.
That steak I was eating was topped with seared FATTY DUCK LIVER.
I wanted to PURGE at that very moment.
My stomach will never be the same ever again. The thought of it in my mind (I can still see it, smell it and remember the texture) churns my stomach.

No more foi gras EVER AGAIN for me.

PS – I did have my Nashville Bachelorette party last weekend that was a huge highlight!! I didn’t have my camera (Brandon stole it for his bachelor weekend), so I’m waiting on the gals to share theirs….
Here’s a sneak peek though (and the cute hat they made me!)



amandapersinger says:

ewwww! That sounds gross! I am up for trying new things EXCEPT any kind of liver…yuck!
I am so with you on the “celebrity” life style…not my thing. Looks like you had fun on your bachelorette party…love the hat!
hope to see ya soon!

jackie says:

I hear you about the going back to vegas lifestyle…it kind of makes me gag a little bit to go back and visit, because it’s not the same Vegas we grew up with, or maybe it is, but we were kids and didn’t know about it. In any case, you’re lucky you get to go home pretty frequently! Just look away when you see how the neighborhoods encroach on Red Rock and other geology hideouts!

Amber V. says:

Ewww! Fatty Duck Liver!! That is exactly why I never ask what it is I’m eating when I’m with John’s family. How rude of that person to point it out!
Cute pic! Looks like you had fun!!

Hi Amber!
That is so funny about the duck liver!
I actually have heard of that on Martha Stewart but I recently saw a thing on PBS where people are obsessed with making hot dogs out of that and how they’ve out-lawed it in several states because it’s cruel to ducks! I was repulsed at the show, I can’t imagine how you must have felt. LOL!
Bless your heart.

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