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Sigh of Relief

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I’m back home from Chicago.
Four days is a long trip from home!
I am sooo tired. And exhausted. O-D-’d on scrapbooking this past week. Almost want to lock the door to my scrap room – but not quite. :)
Felt so good to hear feedback on the paper in person.
Met SO many nice people.
Chicago is an AMAZING and beautiful city. Went on a tour of the city today. LOVED it. All ready to go back in an instant. :)

So many more things to say and pictures to be posted…but I’ll leave you with one of my favorite show samples by Sharon Laakkonen using the Art Box line. :  Zany Girls.

So funky and fun and cool.


Vee says:

so glad you had a great time!
can’t wait to see the pics

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