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Here I am.
Missing in action for awhile.
Wow only, like my fifth post this month.
I’ve been busy.
And sometimes not.
And all the times I haven’t been busy, I’ve found something else to do, and in turn make myself busy again.

So here I am home sick today with my big jar of honey.
See, I’ve been having on-going issues with my eyes for about 7 months now. Seems they all of the sudden decided to develop an allergy or reaction to either the chemicals and preservatives that are in my contacts and solutions. So, some days I wake up and am unable to keep them open in the light, I tear up like crazy, and it overall hurts like hell.  Anyway, this is more info than you needed to know. The bright side, it will clear up in a couple of days and I’ll be on my way to happily wearing my contacts. Hopefully this time the dr.’s cocktail will work.

But anyway, about my jar of honey…
Today was magic #3 person who said I really needed to buy some local honey to combat all of my wierd illnesses and allergies I’ve developed since moving here. 
I never knew where to get this local honey (the idea is the more "local" the honey, the better it will be for you to help your immune system), so I stopped by the old HG Hill supermarket (the same one I think they should raze because it is such an eyesore), and sure enough, there was a giant ole jar of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee honey along with some other local offerings.  I think I like that store now…

So today begins my 1tsp a day regimine of local honey.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

In other news, my scrapbook studio is a complete and utter diaster. The whole thing needs de-cluttering and organzing. Every time I start, I get overwhelemed with how much crap there is. Hoping to do an over-haul this week.

I’ve been o-d’ing on wedding planning. I think I’ve seen enough places and reviewed enough menus to have decided on a place already, and yet, we still don’t have one. And it’s frustrating. And I’m ready to have the places picked and the date set already so I can just get it over with and go on to fun stuff. Sigh…

Congrats and *HUGS* are in order for so many of my favorite people this week.

Ali is the newest member of the American Crafts DT!

Becky is fixing up her new house and it’s her BIRTHDAY this week!

Doris is the newest member of the oh-so-lovely Poppy Ink DT!

You guys rock! :)

Oh and guess what? I’m spending 5 lovely days in Las Vegas at the end of September for my very own birthday! B has to travel there for a week so I’m tagging along. I picked the MGM Grand because of all their wonderful pools to lay out by. :) B’s parents are going to drive in from San Diego and we’re going to have a little party at my parent’s house complete with my favorite birthday meal: grilled carne asada tacos! Yum! Mi favorito! ;) Something to look forward to.

Hugs to all! Will try to get back in the blogging and scrapping spirit for September!


Ali says:

Thanks Amber! Oh Vegas for your birthday? Sounds fun!

Becky Cantu says:

Girl, you are sooo CUTE!
I hope your honey treatment works out well! It sounds like something my grandma would advise – and her remedies always work! :0)
You are the greatest for remembering my birthday!!! I ***HEART*** the mug! I just got it today and it’s ready for my morning coffee tomorrow!!! :0)

Vee says:

hope you feel better soon!
can’t wait to see you studio once you organize
have fun in vegas:)
hugs :)

sherrivonl says:

honey huh? why didn’t anyone tell me about that when i moved here??? i NEVER had allergies before i moved here and now they show up faithfully around March-April and then reappear around September….
hope you feel better soon!

tricia says:

i do the local honey thing.
seems to work.
the vet is the first one that mentioned it to me…cause buddy (the cat) had some serious allergies when he was a baby. since then everyone has been like “oh yea…didn’t you know?” LOL.

Heather says:

Sorry about the contact problems…just hate that! And how fun on your birthday trip! That will be so nice!

Lauren M says:

Stayed at the MGM in April, and it was beautiful. Of course, too hungover to enjoy the pools during the day, but that’s what happens when you party with United States Marines! Sorry, had to give a shout out to my hard-charging homies. We LOVED the rooms and the hotel was beautiful. Had a great view of the pools and the airport :)

jackie says:

i’ll be in Vegas at the end of September too! I got all excited ’cause I’ll be there for Katie’s birthday also.
The local honey thing is big voodoo here in Austin as well :) Hope you feel better.

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