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Week 3 has come and gone with the blink of an eye.

Some nights there are hourly feedings (ugh) and some nights there are 3 hour stretches of sleep (hurray!). And even though at times I can feel incredibly exhausted, just seeing a photo like this with his little soft angel face makes it all worth it. :)

This is just a little peek from the photos I took this weekend for his birth announcement. If I can get those out in the mail this week, I'll feel I accomplished something other than my current daily goals for myself: eat, sleep, shower…lol. :)

Special thanks to blog commenter Andrea for her suggestion on the split shifts for night-time…we started that this week and I feel like a brand new mama most mornings…it's amazing what a 3-4 hour uninterrupted sleep stretch (and the kind where you're fully asleep and not half-way asleep to listen for the baby monitor) can do for you. I've been pumping bottles so Brandon can handle the feeding which I think is great in more than just giving me some rest…it's giving him the opportunity for one-on-one time with the baby himself…or as he calls it, "Daddy time."

Speaking of which, I better head off to bed so I can rest up for the start of my 2am shift. :)


Brooke says:

So cute. Good on you showering each day, even that can be a miracle with a new little one = )

Alyson says:

He is absolutely precious! Congrats again!

Susie says:

I know I am a bit late but COngratulations. Your son is adorable. Can not wait to see more pictures of your little man.

Amber Ulmer says:

so sweet!! love it! still waiting on my milk to come… josie has some jaundice so i think that slowed down my milk coming in b/c i was so stressed about her losing the weight she did so i think that stress put my milk production on hault. she’s nursing though. we had to suppliment one night of feedings to get her some energy so she could latch on. since then she is doing so much better!
colin is precious! i can’t wait for those 2 to have a play date!

Lauren H. says:

Okay, now I need more photos! He is so cute!!! And starting to get baby fat…yipee!

That is such a precious picture! His little cheeks are so squeezable/kissable =) I’m glad you are enjoying him & getting some time for yourself. I agree with Brooke – even showers can be a miracle some days!

lauren says:

he is amazing, amber!
i think he looks like you!! :)
enjoy your [sleepy!] week!

Lauren Murray says:

The snuggly sack thing was an awesome purchase. He’s adorable in it.
Love you!

Andrea* says:

You are welcome for the suggestion! I know that is what saved me those early weeks with my boys (and my daughter, in, oh, 5 weeks)
Very cute photos, love that he’s waving!

Julie says:

adorable picture Amber. Just looking at that pic reminds me of the “baby smell” (and the good ones, not the bad ones-lol)
Fun times!!!

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