Spring seems to be flirting with us here in Nashville…all of us are longing for the 70 degree days…and we get one here and there the past month…only for it to turn to rain or cold (or even snow) the next day.

All the colors and cute Easter things in stores are making me happy and I’m feeling a bit creative too. You can’t help it either when browsing through Etsy.com – selected a few gifts for some special people and then I was stuck for another hour myself creating my own mental wish list! :)

Photo from Heather Bailey blog.

I am in love with bright, modern graphics…two of my favorite pattern makers are Amy Butler and Heather Bailey. So naturally I want to stock up on just about everything in those fabrics on Etsy!

I love this cheerful quilt (cute name too!)…or this quilt is simply gorgeous too! And this tote bag! This bag would be great too for groceries…

Makes me want to bust out my unused sewing machine from Xmas 2003…we’ll see! LOL ;)

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