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Today is a good day!

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Carrie Colbert, one of THE ladies in scrapbooking mentioned the Dulce line on her blog today. I’m not one to be a fan-type sort of gal, but when I see positive comments coming from her and others, it feels pretty darn good. ;)

Gosh, I’m sorry I came across so bummed out yesterday. It just one of those sort of days that we all have once in awhile. I am much, much better. I have a list of to-do’s and activities to keep me busy…and we all know life is too short and we are given too many wonderful things to just sit around and mope. :)

Yesterday, I went on a bike ride at the encouragement of Brandon. It has been a really, really long time since I have been on a bike. My primary mode of transportation all through my childhood, it kind of shocked me when I realized it had been so long. Made me think of other childhood activities that we just sort of forget doing when we get older. The ones we used to really enjoy, but sort of move to the side for various reasons…

A bit of a chilly breeze outside, but the sun was shining as I rode through the streets.
I enjoyed it.
I think I’ll do it again.


And be sure to check out some of my ebay auctions I have up! I’ve been spring cleaning my studio. Lots of scrapping goodies! :)


Ali says:

Yeah for the Carrie Colbert shout out! Loved your line.. when can I get it?? Hope you are doing well there in TN.. hope to meet up with ya someday soon!

Heather says:

That is so awesome about Carrie! I SO wish you could have been there to here all the wonderful things everyone said about your papers! It was so fun! Maybe you can goto Chicago with us! :)

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