Amber Housley

Sunshine Day.

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My goodness, it is a wonderful day…going to reach into the 60s today, I’m so excited. 

So many good things going on right now…so many things to be thankful and happy for…

Off to the market now, finally going to pick up some pansies for REAL this time…and it’s been a long time (a week?) since I did some good quality scrapbooking, so that is a must….lots of upcoming projects and events on the horizon…

Oh and aren’t these egg cups just the cutest? Must have them!



Candy says:

Amber, please stop tempting me to buy things on your blog!! LOL I am noticing all types of bowls now and you must stop! LOL! :o)

Nancy says:

Okay you need to blog more…wanting to know more about your upcoming projects :)

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