Wow. Interesting read on 2Peas for a Friday afternoon to say the least. I felt like expressing my 2 cents here as well since it’s likely the original discussion will be gone.

I just feel like I need to get this *out there.* I hope nobody takes it as a self-absorbed post because I’m really talking about *ALL* of us independent digital designers.

In this big scrapbooking world, isn’t there room for all of us artists?

Here is my post:

As a designer myself, I can’t help but feel a bit sad when I see posts that ask the "big guys" to join the digital scrapbooking world. Isn’t that what makes the digtial community so great right now, that individual designers have the opportunity to share their own creative (original) designs and be successful at it?

I think the big names in scrapbooking have amazing design teams and executives and run very successful businesses. But I also do know as a member of the advertising industry (which of course, includes printing) the costs that are incurred (and of course, the amount of markup) that goes into printing 2 sided 80# paper. With the right combination of marketing and leadership, it can be a *very* profitable business. At the same time, it is a very costly start-up.

In contrast, many of us boutique-style digital designers can start our own business with realtively a small chunk of money and still find it to be an extremely rewarding, fufilling and in some cases profitable depending how much time and $ you want to invest.

This whole post isn’t really aimed at the copyright issue, which I wholeheartedly agree should always be enforced, but is really just a reminder that we have so many fabulously creative, original, *independent* designers in this close-knit industry, we aren’t necessarily at a disadvantage because (insert any paper manufacturers name here) doesn’t have a digital version of it’s paper and product line.

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