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Tea Time.

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So In Love With This:


It’s heaven in a warm mug. Tazo Chai Tea. Add a little cream and a little splenda for sweetness….yummm.

Isn’t it wierd how tea makes you feel a bit sophisticated? (for me anyway). Makes me feel mature, maybe a bit cultured, a bit european.

Reminds me of my travels to London. And the time I had it when I stayed at the Four Seasons in Boston on a business trip…a time when I was too young to be considered a business professional, but I certainly played the part very well. ;)

I can remember the ornate walls of the room, the fresh pink flowers in a silver Tiffany vase, the fine china cup and saucer…the sweet taste of honey and lemon in my tea…the snow flakes swirling around outside.

I thought to myself, "this is it. I have made ‘it’. I am a business woman."

Who knew one sip of tea could make me think of a day over 2 years ago?

I think I’m going to go fix myself another mug before I get cracking on these projects and reports! Back to work…


Muriel says:

I hear the Cinnamon spice one is good. I think it is special for fall. You gotta love tea.

Syb says:

Awwwwwwwww yummy!!! That one is my favorite tea too :)

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