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Wow, this week just flew by! Lots of things to do this weekend, some much over-do house cleaning, some scrapping projects, and other fun stuff.

And here’s 2 layouts that I did awhile back that I’m just getting around to sharing….




And Dulce arrived at ScrapIt! yesterday! Was just dropping off my class samples and was so delighted to see it front and center when you walk in the store! It’s one thing to see your samples, but it’s another thing to see it on display in a store! Click here for the breaking news story by Ann herself on their blog! ;)



megan says:

I have been checking in but this is the first chance in a while to comment. You are really rockin’ it girl. I am proud to know you. Keep it up!

doris says:

ooooooooooooh!!! great los! glad you got those cool doggie pics scrapped! and LOVED seeing your stuff (and you two) at scrap it!!! coolness! :D

Kellidarr says:

It was nice meeting you “quickly” last night. I {HEART} your Dulce line:) the colors are soooo inspiring. I bought it last night and can’t wait to use it! hope to see you soon:)
P.S. I LOVE your layout at Scrap IT!

Debi says:

Hi, Amber! Thanks for visiting my blog ‘cuz now I can find you! And, you know (from my comments on your LOs at ScrapSupply!) that I LOVE your work! And, hey… I may need some puppy advice someday and it seems like you might know just a thing or two about dogs! LOL Enjoy your weekend! Oh, P.S. GREAT link to the store and your display! Congrats!

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