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The Countdown is On…

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Had to share this hilarious card…which inspires me to share a list What I Will Miss/Not Miss About Being Pregnant…

What I Will Miss…
1. All his little thumps and bumps and shakes in my belly.
2. Indulging in just about every sweet or fatty food without regard to the outcome.
3. Pregnancy kindness…people and strangers are just generally nicer and kinder to a pregnant lady.
4. An excuse to wear flats and jeans just about every day.
5. An excuse for not sharing in the kitty litter box duty.

What I Will Not Miss…
1. Feeling so large and constantly sore (back, feet, stomach, head).
2. Getting up all hours of the night to pee.
3. Not being able to partake in adult beverages.
4. Full panel jeans, scratch that, my entire maternity wardrobe.


Amy says:

Cute post.
Hate to tell you though, that the peeing thing continues even after the baby is born! :(

Laura says:

So true!
Good luck in your last few days/weeks. Make sure to take time for yourself…cause that tends to be the first thing to go. Followed by sleep, hot showers when you want, leaving the house in under 20 minutes… :)

Lauren Murray says:

Are you going to make baby announcements? I would love to order mine from you, if you are interested…

Michelle Woods says:

AMEN! I am jealous that you are going to be done “cooking” before me. The third time around my cons are far out weighing my pros. I am tired of being uncomfortable and grumpy. I just want the sweet little baby at the end!!

tricia says:

my sister said that people were nicer to her when she was pregnant…strangers and people she already knew.

Becky Trump says:

LOVE it!
That card is hilarious!

Andrea* says:

GL Amber! It’ll be great! I still have 10 weeks to go, ugg!
Do you mind sharing where you found some of your white studio furniture and bright accents? I’m looking to finish my basement photography studio, and really like the look you pulled off… which if you look at my photog website & blog, you’ll see is a cohesive look. Thanks!!

Julie says:

OMG…wow, your getting so close. It seems to be going faster now, no? Well, for me it is (probably ’cause I’m not the one pregnant) smile.
My almost 6 year old dd said to a lady the other day at the mall “my mom loves babies”. I said “yes I do!” (I looked at all the ones in strollers)
The day I dropped off the 5 yo at kinder last Sept. I called up hubby and said “if you weren’t fixed I’d have another one right now!”. Alas, my body doesn’t want to do that again. I can feel the difference from doing it from 28 the first time to 33 the second time. But, oh how I loved being pregnant.
Enjoy your remaining few weeks as once he’s here, it’s all about “him” and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without him before he arrived in your lives. It’s amazing!

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