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The homestretch!

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We are in the final stretch of little Baby Colin…third trimester starts this week! Here's what size he is now, a chinese cabbage!


He moves around all day long now…sometimes little movements in the car and sometimes shoving right up into my ribcage when I'm on the couch watching TV at night. He probably doesn't like reality tv like his Daddy. ;)  He is also an early riser like his Daddy and pummels me in the morning to get out of bed.

Between baby, Brandon and Rocco, it's safe to say no sleep is to be had for the next 18 years.

P.S. – 5 more days till we get the keys to the house!!


Brooke says:

I’m so excited for you…new house, new baby. When my son was born it was funny to “see” what had been happening in my belly. The nurse showed me how I would have been feeling his hiccups. So cute.

Lauren H. says:

You are so right about the not sleeping. Too many boys in my house! But it’s fun in the mornings when we all snuggle–Matt, Thomas, Fletch and I…all in our bed.

Debbie says:

Love his name, and Congrats on the house. Just in time for the Holiday!! Also, nothing like those baby movements, I had three going on at once…..something was happening all the time.

Julie says:

Love the name! So glad everything is going well with the pregnancy. Just like “Brooke” above, I always felt both girls when they had hiccups. They still get hiccups a lot! LOL Wow, 5 more days…how exciting!!! Hope you have time to throw up a tree and ornaments at least but, if not, no problem. You’re preggo, so take it easy. So glad you realize no sleep for the next 18 years. It’ so freakin’ true. wink, wink

Amy says:

You’re right about no sleep. It’s now been over a year since I’ve had longer than a 5 hour stretch – and those precious 5 hours only happened a dozen or so times. :) But, nothing beats waking up to your little one.

Stephanie says:

Baby movements are so exciting! I wouldn’t stress about Christmas decorations. We’re not doing much this year since we have other things going on. There’s always next year and it will be even more fun when the baby is here. :)

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