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Since oh…about Day 1 of this pregnancy, I have been filled with anxiety about this baby and if everything was okay with it. My family history doesn’t pose any risk whatsoever, but I can help that nagging dark corner of my mind that something could be wrong, and I would have no idea…further compounded is the fact that the Dr. doesn’t do ultrasounds until 16-18 weeks so I’m left waiting…thinking of every possible thing that could go wrong.

And now, I’m really darn sick of these thoughts. I’m completely over it. Even hubby is…he is so great reassuring me every single day when I go on my crazy rants. But enough is enough. I need to chill out and stop reading and message boards and any baby related book. I’m placing myself on a self-imposed ban from reading those message boards and books until week 12. ;)

Wish me luck.

And for a few friends who are expecting and readers of my lil’ ole blog, this one is for you too:

Prayer for a Safe Pregnancy

This life you have given us
is so tiny, fragile, and vulnerable,
safe in the womb of flesh and hope,
yet subject to danger and death.
O God of love, creator of life,
hear our prayer.
We want this baby so much.
Please grant this child of ours
a full term of nurture,
the joy and mystery of life,
and the blessing of your love.
Grant us the fulfillment of our dreams,
a baby to cherish and protect,
a child to teach and guide,
a blessing to our family.

Source: Prayers of Our Hearts by Vienna Cobb Anderson


Debbie says:

You are smart to let go and enjoy your pregnancy. All you can do is take care of yourself and do all you know to take care of your body (listen to your body, drink lots of water, rest, eat). Reading and getting information is great but don’t get overwhelmed with all the information. You are on the right path, you are going to be a great parent……..enjoy your pregnancy this is truly a miracle time for both you and your husband.

Lauren H. says:

You know I’m here everyday to talk. So glad to hear you’ve put down the books and especially the message boards at :)

Amber Ulmer says:

Oh Amber… thank you girl… b/c my mental state is the same as yours… minus the sickness part yet.. but i too am totally freaking myself out from these websites about… first trimester risks and stuff… so Im over it… Im staying away too… I won’t have an U/S til my second appt I don’t think so Im nervous about all that too… so lets just pray for eachother and our babies… and thank you for that prayer… xo

Julie says:

Good idea Amber…focus on just enjoying it while you can. I still can’t get over the fact that your dr. doesn’t do a u/s though? Is it a doctor decision, a medical (State) decision? I’d talk to other friends of yours who have children and get some feedback on that. I’m just saying not everyone in the med. profession is correct. My SIL’s dr. told her it was okay to smoke while pregnant :::duh:::.
P.S. Besides, how are you suppposed to wait and scrapbook a baby u/s picture until the 16th week?
Have a great weekend!

bucket says:

oooh you look so beautiful pregnant, and yes ignore what everyone else says and just enjoy this wonderful time with your husband.

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