Amber Housley

The Yuckies Have Arrived

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Yes I’m feeling yucky…since last Friday I have felt some sort of illness coming on…

Thank you to TN for bringing on 5+ sinus infections a year since I moved here…didn’t even know what those were before living in the allergy bowl of the US…

This week marks the first of 2008…blech…


kristina says:

Get well soon, Amber! Hugs!

Jenny B. says:

I had the same problem, never had allergies or sinus problems till I moved here. About a year ago I got feed up with all the sinus & ear infections and went to Vanderbilt ASAP clinic. I found out I’m allergic to every tree in TN and have been put on meds & a routine to help. Beside rainy days, which are the worst for me, I have seen such great improvement.

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