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The double digit countdown…

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Not sure if anyone still reads this since I have been so bad about updating it. :) The website I’ve got a lot of wedding planning help from, the sends me reminder emails once a month with checklists and countdowns…and today I received my 3 MONTHS AWAY email. 95 days officially left. Crazy!

Still many small things to be planned, but first, I am so excited for next week to see all the girls and family in Las Vegas! Mom and the bridesmaids have outdone themselves with the shower and bachelorette party!

In other news I hired a personal trainer yesterday…turns out he was on the NBC boxing show The Contender a few years back with our very own Joey Gilbert from UNR. Too funny. We watched that show religiously that year rooting Joey on. He’s going to whip my bootie into shape so I can lose those 15-20lbs I want to get rid of in the next 3 months! I have a feeling it’s going to be very tough working out with him… he already told me I will be sorry I ever hired him. Haha!

And a few Mosh Posh layouts from June…have some cards to share too but the scanner has been acting funny for me lately…argh….

Saturday + Sunday = Funday

Brandon and his Dad – so much alike! :)

No visit to Nashville is complete without a visit to Cracker Barrel!


Candy says:

Hey Amber! I’m still reading! LOL!
So excited for you- I am sure that the excitement is hard to contain!!
Gorgeous LO’s, toO!!!

Julie says:

Good luck Amber with the personal trainer and losing weight…can’t wait to see how you do in 3 months. You seem like a go-getter, so I have no doubt you’ll reach your goal(s).

We still read! I bet you are getting excited and anxious all at the same time! I remember those days!

christine says:

I’m still reading!
Good luck with the trainer! I know you’ll reach your goal!

doris says:

HA! love seeing the cracker barrel in the southern sights . . . :D

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