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THEY have arrived…the photos!

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full slideshow will be available from Dove Wedding Photography tomorrow… THEY are all my favorite!

we head for 6 days in Puerto Rico on Sunday at 6am and I have a wedding all day tomorrow (and get to hang out with Dove for that wedding too!) I will try to check in before but it’s a crazy next 48 hours till beach time!

I am in love with my husband and wedding all over again. :)










annkelly says:

i am so sorry that rocco was under the weather ~ glad he is home again:)
such beautiful wedding pictures!
i can’t wait to see the slide show:)
have a great trip it PR!

stacey fike says:

they look amazing!! have a great vacay!!!

Donna says:

So Beautiful!
Can’t waut to see the others.
Have a great trip to Puerto Rico

Julie says:

Beautifuls pics. Esp. love the one with you looking out the window :::thumbs up:::

Ali McLaughlin says:

I love them! can’t wait to see more! I will email you when you get back! have fun in Puerto Rico!!!

Muriel says:

Love your wedding photos!!
Have fun in Puerto Rico.

doris says:

such gorgeous photos! :D

Amber Ulmer says:

Amber… these are just amazing!!! Lucky girl… I wish we cared about photography back when we got married 3 yrs ago like we do now. We so would’ve hired DOVE. xoxo Have a great time in PR!!

Heather says:

Amber…these are absolutely gorgeous! Have fun at the beach! ;)

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