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Posting on the 2Peas meme this week.

a meme n (mëm): is an idea that is shared and passed from blog to blog, like a question posted in one blog and answered in many other blogs.

10 "Places I Want to Travel To" :

Some are close, some are far from home. I don’t consider myself a well seasoned traveler, but I have seen quite a few *cool* places and had some really neat experiences. One thing I learned in various conversations with other hostellers (namely international ones), is the wonder of places we have right here in the good ole USA. You sometimes forget the amazing treasures our country holds until someone else points it out to you — OR tells you how they’ve backpacked across and up and down the US of A and has seen way more national parks and landmarks than you can shake a stick at. (yes, katie, that quote was for you.) On with the show…

1. Florence and Rome, Italy (just so beautiful!)

2. Pacific Northwest – No. Calif., Oregon, Washington (just want to drive up the coast and take in all the cool air and green forests — plus can we stop in the city Goonies was filmed in?!? LOL )

3. New York City (been there once but want to go back!)

4. Spain (all over again – love it, love it, love it)

5. Greece ( it seems so charming and vintage…like an old movie)

6. Maui and Kuai, Hawaii (oooh…black sand beaches…waterfalls….sounds so romantic!)

7. U.S. Virgin Islands (just want to sit in a hammock and stare out into a azul sea)

8. Glasgow, Irleand (would love to see the house my 104 year old great grandmother was born in, who by the way is still living, and the house is still standing!)

9. Southern United States (just hit the road in a convertible, stop in small towns with b&b plantations that have big wide front porches, mossy oak trees, and drink mint julieps and sweet tea while rocking in a white rocking chair…)

10. Mexico City, Mexico (yeah it’s dirty, but it’s always intrigued me…)

And where do you want to go? Let me know!



jae says:

I’ve been to a few places on your list, Florence, Rome and NYC. They are all such wonderful places, although I must say I take NYC for granted. I live so close to it and go so often that I don’t recognize it’s beauty. Rome was amazing, there was so much history. Florence was also amazing, but the bread was awful. LOL. Good luck with your travels.

Mimi says:

Hey, and I live in Washington – you are more than welcome to come visit!
Great list!

Oooh, we so share some of the same travel dream destinations!
And hey, you can come visit me in TX! White porches (check) with swings/rocking chairs (check) and LOTS of sweet tea (double check)! :0)

Juls says:

Love this post Amber. I posted on mine too.

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