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Err…actually I am tired. But, I still do have my *enthusiasm.* ;) Charmermed

This past week was busy, busy, busy…and I am so ready to shut down this computer for the weekend.

Busy finishing up things for CHA.

I finished up 2 new layouts using the new Dulce papers. Yay!

And be sure to check out Heather Preckel’s layouts….

here and here. Aren’t they fabulous?!

I think I will get the biggest kick out of seeing how others use the products. Talk about fufillment! :)

Welcomehomemed A2Z also got a HUGE CALL on the phone the other day regarding my line. Really big news. Which of course, I can’t share for a bit…but just know it’s really, really good. ;)

In other news…I have finally joined the real world and purchased some downloaded music from itunes. No, I don’t own an ipod…and I rarely purchase cd’s anymore because I’m just a radio kind of gal. But, my curiousity got the best of me and I was getting tired of the same old internet radio stations while I worked on the computer…

Sfpaperlayoutlg Loved it so much I purchased 12 songs in my first sitting. Fun stuff! Of course, I will have to let you know that almost all of them were country songs…funny huh? That Keith Urban guy seems to be everywhere these days…had not a clue what he sang…but he is sooo good – and good looking! – and I’m the proud owner of a few of his songs.

Anyway, all this music helps with the inspiration…and two new kits were released at Citrus Blossoms this week.

Spring Fling & Blissful Blooms…lots of fun, whimsical designs. I hope you enjoy!

Finally, my creative team never ceases to amaze me with the enthusiasm they have have for my designs. Be sure to check out their amazing talent and some of my favorite recent projects by them…:

Bbpaperlayoutlg Nancy






I’m sooooo very lucky!


Now, I’m off of this dang computer and going out into to play in the sunshine with my pup. Have a great weekend!


Lisa A. says:

Hi Amber! I love your new kits and am going to buy one tonight. I’m taking Donna Downey’s class and next week we have to do a digital layout! I can’t wait to try out the new kit. I’ve haven’t been digi scrapping for quite awhile.
Congrats on the huge phone call for A2Z!!!

Nikki H says:

WOW Amber those layouts look amazing! I am dying now! DYING to get my hands on this line, how soon after CHA will it be in stores? You are going to have to tell me what store has it first because I want it THAT BAD lol. :) I hope you have a good weekend

sherrivonl says:

Okay, WHATEVER!!! Your new paper is amazing!!! I love it. Also, what is the pink scallop-y thing at the bottom of the welcome home one…and the green line there as well? Rubons?
Your new digi kits are really awesome too….I just can’t go digital, but I suppose I could buy the kit and print out a paper or two huh? :o)
Glad you got to come over tonight, hope you had fun hanging out with us.

Melissa says:

Love the papers, Amber!!!!

Tisha says:

OMG!! I love these papers! Can’t wait to get them!

Lisa says:

Love these papers Amber!!!! Love the Home Sweet Home one!!

Susan says:

Congratulations AMBER! I love your new line! Can’t wait to see it in person!

maria says:

I love all your papers, congratulations!

NikkiH says:

I hope you had a good weekend :) (just stopping by the blogs I like to read and wanted to say hi ;))

Lauren says:

gorgeous stuff girl! i tagged you by the way… on my blog :)

Syb says:

Yummy, yummy stuff my friend!!!! Have fun at CHA and congrats :) HUGS!!!

Kristi Sauer says:

Wow! What beautiful paper lines! Where and when will they be available?? I gotta get the blissful blooms for sure!!

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