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1. I am trying to keep my cool.
2. Little guy is squishing my ribs.
3. The maternity jeans and clothes I've been wearing for months are now becoming too tight…grr…
4. I have holiday cards to send, not sure when I will get to addressing them. I am noticing a new trend in the cards I have received – just a photo inside an addressed envelope, no signed message. I think I may follow suit this year.
5. I am pondering how I will get all the family presents wrapped and ready to be shipped tomorrow.
6. I had Jack in the Box. I am officially sick of fast food, even if I am pregnant.
7. Was another dreary winter day in Nashville.
8. HHGregg service guy came buy to document the scratches to the floors and walls the delivery guys did on Friday. I am officially annoyed.
9. I woke up scared…thinking about how the baby coming in less than 10 weeks. Yikes!
10. I reminded myself that despite all the chaos, I am blessed.


nichole says:

Hang in there, Amber!

Brooke says:

Yoga pants should help you out with number 3. For number 4, print AS MUCH as possible.
It’ll all be worth it in 72 more days!

tammygraves says:

Wow! It’s getting so close! Glad you are doing well! Soon you’ll have a sweet little one to hold and all this uncomfortableness will be a blur and a distant memory…can’t wait to see him! Merry Christmas!

Debbie says:

This too shall pass. All will be a distant memory and that precious baby will be here soon. All the best for a wonderful blessed Holiday!

Lauren H. says:

I followed suit this year with the Christmas card, photo card, printed address and printed return address. I feel terrible, but it was the only way to get them out this year.
On the maternity clothes thing, check out Kohl’s. Their stuff isn’t the greatest quality, but it’s inexpensive and pretty cute. It will help you make it through the last couple of months.
P.S. I can’t believe you only have 10 weeks!!!!

Julie says:

Don’t fret. If I could do it twice (and I swore up and down I was only going to have ONE child) au’natural (no drugs, certainly no epi…I despise needles and certainly the ones in my back were not going to happen), then you can do it. Lamaze worked wonders for me. I still use my breathing techniques so I can chill out when stressed.
It’s all worth it. My favorite part was snuggling with them and watching their cute milk drunk faces they get after they eat. It will melt your heart!

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