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So I was in Target this afternoon during the lunch hour picking up a new day planner….and Baby in my tummy starts screaming that it is HUNGRY and it is hungry NOW. The Lean Cuisine in the office freezer was all but forgotten when I laid my eyes on my favorite Sweet and Spicy tuna (that I haven’t had in ages!)….along with some crackers to eat it with…and my old time favorite Vegetarian Vegetable soup…

I’m back at the office now and in *total* heaven.

Totally random lunch and totally pregnant. :)



Julie says:

I love tuna…but I admit once I saw this package I said out loud “ewwwwwwwww” I suppose I should give it a try before complaining I don’t like it like my girls always do! :P

Katie says:

I LOVE that sweet and spicy tuna!! And I’m not even pregnant!

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