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Two things…

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One – anyone looking for a beautiful 2400 sq ft – 3 bedroom + bonus house in Mt Juliet, Tennessee? Ours is officially on the market! MLS lisitng #965352. More to come on that! ;)

Two – It’s 5:08am and I’m headed to the airport with Mary Alice – we’re off to Jamaica for 4 days! It’s an Association of Bridal Consultants conference at Sandals Ocho Rios. First time to Jamaica – I’m excited!

So many exciting things going on…. see you again soon!



Ali McLaughlin says:

what? Are you moving?? You better email me when you get back asap! We went to Ocho Rios on our last cruise, have lots of fun!

kristina says:

Your house is beautiful! I love that subdivision (you know we almost lived there)! Best of luck to you! Can’t wait to find out what is up! ;) Have fun in Jamaica! I’m SO jealous!!

Jenny says:

I wish you luck in selling your beautiful place. We also just put our place up for sale, so we know all about what ya’ll are going through. Good Luck!

Aimee says:

Have fun! We got engaged in Ocho Rios-wow 6 years ago! The beaches aren’t as nice as Negril, but still beautiful!

Hollye says:

Where are you moving to? I hope you aren’t leaving the area!

Juls says:

How’s the selling going? Why are you moving??

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