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Ultrasound Pics & Birthday Recap

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It has been a whirlwind couple of days since I shared the good news of our little boy. Here are the much requested ultrasound pictures. Which I may add, was the coolest thing ever. We had a great ultrasound tech who has been doing it for 18+ years and was so nice. After all the good shots were taken, she moved on over and let us guess what we thought it was. I think it was a little obvious – and we both said "BOY" right away! ;) He was busy doing lots of flips and waving his arms around (probably the Coke I had before the appointment in effort to wake him up and guarantee a good show!). The last picture is the 3D view…he had his little hands up for these. She said we’ll get better 3D photos later on when he’s a bit bigger.


And on Saturday I had the best 28th birthday. Lots of great cards and treats from family and friends. Brandon surprised me with a FABULOUS diaper bag from a boutique down in Franklin. He had all the ladies in the store helping him select the perfect one. And indeed it was. I love it!



We also met up with our friends for a yummy lunch at J Alexanders (delicious!) and then did lots of baby furniture nursery shopping. I was exhausted! We did find some great things that I will share soon.

Thanks again for all the good wishes that have been coming in the inbox lately. :)     


Julie says:

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww…how sweet! Love those shots. Luckily they had that technolog w/my 2nd one. It was truly the best “show” and much better than the 1997/1998 shots we got of our first. :)
Love me the new technology!
Congratulations again!

Jessica Vantrease says:

Hey I just found your blog! The pictures of your baby boy are sooo cute and I love your new diaper bag! Happy belated b-day!

Joyce says:

Hey! I check your blog from time to time but never comment, so I just had to this time. The ultrasound pics are amazing! The little guys is adorable. You’ll have to show me the video sometime soon. Had a great time at lunch. Glad you were finally able to try J.Alexanders.

Lauren H. says:

Yea for ultrasound photos! I can’t wait to see more and to meet the little guy. So glad you had a great Birthday…gift coming in the mail soon.

mom says:

Amazing picture of our little grandson!!! Can’t wait to see you next month so I can really see your tummy!! I miss you so much…
Love Mom

Ali McLaughlin says:

Awe! So excited you are having a boy.. and Happy Belated bday!

Amber Ulmer says:

yippe!!!! What a CUTIE!!! Love that bag too!!! Happy Belated hunny!!!

Michon says:

OOOOOOOOooh! You will love the Petunia Picklebottom! I have the same line in another pattern, and Heather has that same one!!! SO cute, and you don’t even know how much you will love having a backpack! SOcute, almost as cute as the baby! ;0)

Amy says:

Oh! Baby boys are delish! You will love your little guy. They make their mum’s hearts melt. :)

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