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So far, my in-law’s house has not appeared on the burn list of addresses in Rancho Bernardo. 300 homes have burned to the ground in their neighborhood. Still unsure of when they’ll get to go back…the Witch Fire, which is closest to them is still at 1% containment.

My brother-in-law and his family in Poway are packed and ready to go when they get evacuation notice. Here’s hoping they don’t.

Thanks for all the special thoughts and prayers – we appreciate them!! More news when we have it.


Donna says:

So glad that your family is safe. Its such a scary thing. It seems like everytime I turn on the t.v. I see more news on the fires. I have family in San Diego. They are about 5-7 miles away the fire. They havn’t been evacuated as of yet, but they are ready.
Hope that your family stays safe.
Thanks for the update.

Ali McLaughlin says:

My brother is out in Southern CA too… but right now they haven’t been affected..hope your inlaws get to go back soon.

Julie says:

Hope everyone is safe and sound here in CA w/your in’laws. I’ve had three girlfriends evacuate their houses, one in Saugus, one in Castaic and luckily they are now back home. However, the one in Oceanside I still haven’t heard from, so we are crossing our fingers. I’ve been afraid to call her…Keeping my thoughts and prayers to everyone affected. The smoke hanging here in the San Fernando Valley has kept kids inside @ school/home and from practicing/playing sports.

Aimee says:

i just realized my friend that lost her home in 2003 is near the witch fire & in the evacuation zone. i’ve emailed several times but now i’m really worried. thank you for the link-i was checking the cnn maps & didn’t see her area. the link you have shows her area much more clearly.

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