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Vegas Vacation!

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Indexfallingnanos20060912 And….we’re…!

To Vegas. To have some fun. To see the family. To have a little pre-party for my birthday a few days early! B is working, but Mom and I are going wedding dress shopping one day, and another day I’m meeting up with my old co-workers for lunch at my old lunch favorite Pei-Wei (a smaller version of PF Changs). B’s parents are driving in from San Diego to see us too. Hoping to get a little pool action since it’s 90 degrees there and we’re staying at the fab-u-lous MGM Grand. AND we’re grilling up my favorite birthday dinner – carne asada tacos, homemade chips and salsa, tamales….corona light….YUM! Doesn’t get any better than this?!!

WHEW! Say that again all in one breath! ;)

Wait, it does get better! Got to open my first birthday present 1 week early! Brandon thought I would like it for the plane – he was right! :) My very own PINK MAGENTA nano! I’ve had iTunes for awhile, but no iPod for it…LOL!

Have a great rest of week – I’ll let you know when we get back if our favorite quarter Wheel of Fortune slots were good to us! ;)


Ali says:

Have fun! Email me your address when you get a minute!

Amber Ulmer says:

Amber… THAT ROCKS! Have great trip and HAPPY EARLY BIRFDAY! Have a great one!!

candy says:

Get out…I LOVE Wheel Of Fourtune Slots!!!! LOL! Have a blast, Amber and Happppppy Birthday!!!!

sherrivonl says:

Happy Birthday!! Have fun in Vegas. When you get back I would love that homemade chips/salsa recipe.
Good luck wedding dress shopping, I know you will look fabulous in all that you try on!

EC says:

Have fun!!!
I just got back from Vegas last night. =) It’s really warm there.

kelli says:

Happy EARLY birthday! Yay!for vacations:) Hey- did you know there is a Pei-Wei in Brentwood? We’ll have to meet up sometime! It’s super yummy. hAVE a great week!

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