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Vicks & Socks

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The cure-all.

I had done this on the referral from a friend previously a different time I was sick…and another friend suggested it yesterday. It worked! I’m feeling SOOO much better today. Like, 80% back to my normal self.

Simply slather Vicks Vapor Rub on the bottom of your feet nice and thick, put some socks on, and go to bed! In the morning you should  feel much better. Crazy trick, but it works! :)

Little bit of snow flurries this morning but now the sun is out…Not warm, but it’s the sun none-theless. I’m not the only ones happy to see it shining today…


Happy Tuesday. 


veronica says:

haha I am de-lurking to say: My mom did that for us kids growing up, and YOU ARE SO RIGHT…works every time.
When hubs and I got married I did this for him. He thought I was nuts. It worked. He is a believer now too. Thanks! You made my day, you totally made me feel (less) crazy. heheh

tricia says:

i’m sorry…do you have the cutest animals (besides mine?)? :)

I need to keep this interesting remedy in mind..thanks for the tip:)

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