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Walking in Memphis

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Here in Memphis for work…had some client meetings..just a quick overnight trip. Last night we went to Beale St. and had the BEST ribs ever at BB King’s Club (in case you’re going to ask, Rendez Vous was closed…maybe I’ll make it there on my next trip). :)  And the live band….oh my goodness…SO talented. Lot’s of Marvin Gaye…Otis Redding…Al Green…I’m always constantly amazed by the talent of the musicians in Tennessee. This is my second trip to Memphis for work….such a neat city. Reminds me a lot of downtown Nashville, but there are very distinct differences…music, food….

Need to come back with Brandon (and my camera) for a little weekend trip…so many cool buildings around downtown…and of course, we need to visit Graceland. :)


Amber says:

So anything Canon? I am pretty sure ur the Amber that left the comment on my blog about the camera… haha Just makin sure. Sometimes some 2 peas ppl leave me messages so…
Never been to Memphis. Wanna go though only for the pictures… Who do you work for? If u don’t mind me asking… Anyway…Maybe Ill see u soon at Scrap It! TTFN

sherrivonl says:

Memphis!! I want to go there so bad! Did you know there is a pottery barn outlet there? That is reason enough to go in my book. Well, that and I want to take the kids to the zoo…and eventually graceland.
Haven’t seen you in awhile, hope to see you around soon.

Ali says:

We lived in Nashville 9 years and I never went to Memphis! Glad you had fun.

doris says:

ribs . . . mmmmmmmmmmmm . . . :D

Memphis..I went there with a couple of girlfriends a couple of years ago..during October..we had a blast, we ate at some BBQ place(can’t remember the name)but there was live music, visited the Peabody & Graceland. Very cool!!

It’s been years since I’ve been to Memphis … DD had a spring school project that requires we visit Graceland! Can’t wait. I’m so glad she picked Graceland for her TN landmark project! She also can’t wait to see the ducks at the Peabody – I want to visit Mud Island (they werre building some of it when I was there many moons ago!)

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