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Here I am with a dozen of things that I should really be doing this Tuesday evening and instead I thought I’d sketch out via Photoshop the wall collage planned for wedding pics! I purchased the frames this past weekend, and I’m hoping to have them up and ready for the holiday season in the next week.

In no way perfect sizing or spacing, but a rough idea of how it will look on our staircase (the only spot left in the house for photos – I already have plastered the house with photos!)…


Oh yeah and here’s our slide show from our amazing photographers, Dove Wedding Photography:

I promise to end the wedding photo postings! ;)

Ok next up Puerto Rico Part #2 and other fun stuff I’m working on… 


kristina says:

Those photographs are gorgeous, Amber! They tell the story of your wedding so beautifully! So happy for you! I bet they’re ALL your favorite! Thanks for sharing!

Amber Ulmer says:

gorgeous!! love the layout!! just fabu! and your pics… incredible!

Donna says:

I just finished watching the slideshow. It was Incredible!
Thanks for sharing~

Gorgeous pictures!!! I really like the contrast of all your bridesmaids having blonde hair and you being the only brunette. The photographer really did a great job at catching some of those artsy shots!

Stephanie says:

Love the slideshow! Every single photo is beautiful!

Heather says:

Just wonderful Amber! We were watching Deal or No Deal tonight and I swear your twin was on there! I told my husband that the girl looked just like one of our designers and showed him your blog and he SO agreed! LOL! Just had to tell ya! ;)

jenn says:

beautiful wedding! all of your ideas came together so well. the pictures are just gorgeous!

amber says:

wow. just watched the slideshow & your wedding was amazing! love every little detail about it. you did a great job! & the photographers are awesome as well. :)

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