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Wanting it to be an ordinary Tuesday.

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Incredibly sad to see such devistation on the news. I’m glued to it. I have been since Sunday afternoon when the coverage began. I think it must be my journalism schooling…I absolutely have to know every fact and then report it to every person I strike up a conversation with. Natural disasters aside, I believe my true calling was to be a Weather Channel reporter. I love the weather. It intrigues me so much. But, that’s something for a whole other blog entry.

What really bothers me is the uncertainty for all those people. Namely, those who I know that are affected. My main client account is one of the Gulfport, MS casinos. I work with those people every day and now I know nothing. We have tried scouring the news reports and watched helicopter footage of the devistation along the beach where the casinos are located, but we cannot find the building. Rumors that we’ve heard is that the building is destroyed and another one is that it is lying across the street in a competitors parking lot.

Building or not, I just want to know that the people are okay…I just want it to be an ordinary Tuesday early morning client meeting where everybody is joking and laughing and being gently reminded to stay on task.

I have come to the realization we won’t have one of those meetings for a very long while…my prayers are with them.


Katie says:

I actually just had to fight back a tear, damn you. I love New Orleans – and I cherish all the times I got to visit because it will never be the same again.

It’s absolutely devastating. My heart goes out to all the poor souls that have been through it.
I hope you friend is well – I will be sending a prayer.

Juls says:

I hope you hear from your friends soon. It’s all so horrifying. I think we’re all saying a few prayers.

Syb says:

Oh Amber, my heart goes out to all those lifes that were changed within days as well. Hope that you hear from your friends soon! Hugs, Syb

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