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Hey there! Long time no talk to!

Lots of things…need to post upcoming class samples for ScrapIt…some layouts…photos from Easter weekend with B’s parents….ALL THAT and just looking forward to some quality time in the next few days to actually sit down and create!

But this is a quickie post…some new wedding stuff & inspiration for planning that I wanted to share…

Town_heart_courtyard_view  The location we have narrowed down the ceremony and reception for…just need to sign the contracts! This is Montelago Village at Lake Las Vegas…an italian themed shopping and dining village…located about 20 minutes outside of Vegas, near Lake Mead. They have several beautiful courtyards for outdoor ceremonies and receptions…it’s pretty quiet out there, has cute cobble-stoned streets…and I think it’s just what we have in mind….I spent much of my younger years out at Lake Mead with my family, and Brandon and I spent every summer weekend at the river/lake when we first met…so, it’s sort of nostalgic to have it out there.

Lakevillagegolfersinforeground This is the view of the village from the Lake side. Cute, no?

And some other decor and flower ideas…leaning towards the bright pinks…greens…and other bold pallettes…Here are some new favorites!







Groom  New favorite suit for Brandon!

Hope you enjoyed this mini-wedding showcase!


sherrivonl says:

it is all very pretty amber! I didn’t have a big wedding..or a small one…just us, two friends and a JOP!
I love the colors you are leaning towards!

Ali says:

Your wedding is going to be just gorgeous Amber! Love all those ideas! We just got married in a little chapel in Gatlinburg.. just a couple of poor kids back then.. so I love seeing you plan your wedding.

Deanna says:

What great ideas you’ve got! I love the pink and green. In fact, my new sister-in-law used pink and green last summer at her wedding and it was beautiful. If you email me I can share a few pictures.

Aimee says:

Beautiful location & I love the pink & green! We didn’t have a wedding where we got to pick everything out, so it’ll be fun seeing how you do it :)

Vee says:

I love the pink and green flowers and decor
It looks so pretty
the locale is awesome too!

Keisha says:

wow, so beautiful…lucky girl so much fun planing!!!

Nancy says:

BEautiful stuff!!!!

Laurie Patterson says:

I love, love, love your pink and green color scheme!! One of my very favorites. My in-laws live in Henderson and we went for a drive at Lake Las Vegas. It’s beautiful there. Good luck with everything.

Kelley says:

Wow…love all the pink and green wedding ideas!!! Thanks for sharing!

Melissa Watson says:

Saw these great idea photos – just wanted to let you know I had friends that recently married and the groom wore a suit almost identical to this guy!! What a great potential choice!!

Danni says:

Nice choices, Amber! Beautiful spot!

jessi in phx says:

Love the location!! I’m getting married next year, and want to use these exact colors! love some of the ideas you have collected! :)
(ps: where did ya get the pic with the green bridesmaids?) :)

Andrea* says:

Gorgeous! Great details, love your emphasis on flowers!

fjl says:

Absolutley beautiful.

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