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Week Two of Mommyhood

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Today marks two weeks since Colin first arrived. (Happy Birthday little guy!)

And, what everyone says is so true – time really flies by. I think it does even more so when you count your day not by the actual time on the clock, but by two hour feedings and naps and diaper changes. Everything has been going really great, and we are adjusting to the sleep schedule well. Brandon went back to work this week, so to help him function properly at work, I've been doing the night routine on my own (not that he could help with the feeding anyway) ;) and so far I've been okay. I'm amused by the crappy programming that is on TV in the middle of the night. TV is what keeps me awake during middle of the night feedings…the first week I tried doing them in bed and was constantly nodding off and having a sore neck the next day. LOL. So now it's Trauma: Life in the ER or E! News Daily occupying my time.

Colin has his two week Dr. visit tomorrow and we're anxious to see what he weighs now…I've been noticing my arm is getting heavier already! His little legs are filling out now and I couldn't be more pleased as a Mama. :) The first week I was so anxious and stressed about getting the breastfeeding right, and I have been anxious to see him regain his lost weight. It's been fun watching the little changes and growing he has done in such a short amount of time. His hair is already lightening up a bit and we watch his eyes daily for color changes (we're pulling for Blue!) He has such a strong head and neck already — turning it from side to side while we try to burp him. We started daily tummy time this week and he amazed me today when he up and rolled over all on his own! We are enjoying all of these little moments. :)

With the new life adjustment and parents visiting, I've been neglecting the blog and sharing pictures, so finally here are a few favorites from his first two weeks. Thanks again to all of our friends and family and blog friends that have sent such nice notes and wishes to us!

Week1a (10 of 122) 

Week1a (53 of 122)

Week1a (72 of 122)

Week1 (30 of 32) 

Week1a (79 of 122)

Week1a (81 of 122) 

Week1a (96 of 122) 

Week1a (115 of 122)

Oh, and the other part everyone says is so true too: the feeling of being a Mom and loving something as much as this is the best thing in the entire world.


Gabby Zarate says:

He is adorable!!! He looks so big already. Keeps us posted with more pics and updates.

Jilly says:

I love all the pictures of sweet baby Colin:) He is such a beautiful blessing!

Debbie says:

Babies……so precious. Enjoy this time with him, he is so beautiful. Keep the pictures coming, take care.

Donna says:

Colin is absolutely adorable!! Congratulations!! Looks like you’re taking to motherhood like a pro.
I love the photo of Brandon looking at Colin… *love*

lauren says:

colin is so precious!!!
i love the photo of the two “guys” stretched out in the sun on the floor!! ;)
best to all of you!

Aww I love the pics!
I am glad you are adjusting well! Enjoy because yes they do grow up fast!

heidi says:

Great photos… I LOVE the yawn :)

Oh my goodness, those are the cutest pictures ever! I love his little wrinkly foot, and the picture of him with the dog, and his yawn. Soooo precious.
Do I see Easter decorations in one of the pictures? When on earth did you have time to do that? LOL

Becky Trump says:

So sooo adorable!!!
I LOVE the one with Rosco…a total big brother, already! :0)
So glad you shared!

Michon says:

These pictures are priceless, when are you coming to Reno to take pictures of Daniel!?!?!?
LOVE the sunbathing with the dog/cat pics, TOO funny!
What an angel, and one hot mama!

Julie says:

Hi Amber!
He is just beautiful! Love the pictures…I had tons of pics with my kids too next to the fur baby kids. Sam, our 18 1/2 year old cat, still loves the kids. My Dalmatian (who we had to put to sleep this past Jan. at the age of 12) was always following me around with the babies and would immediately sit and look at the kids and when they cried, she immediately came to me. Have fun and I look forward to seeing more pictures. As for the breastfeeding and early feedings (ex. 2 a.m.), I’d think of scrapbook pages and titles and immediately write them down before I forgot (I kept a notepad by me). That was my “quiet time”. :)

Colby says:

ADORABLE pictures! What a blessing!

Andrea* says:

Hey Mama, these photos are adorable!
Something we did and will do, that worked, was that I went to bed early (like 9 pm, lol) and DH took the first shift, till like 1 am. Then the rest of the night was all me. I started pumping, so that DH could get in a bottled feeding once a night, and I nursed the rest of the day. (Our Ped recommended *someone else* feeding one bottle a day, so that if, heaven forbid, anything happens (like you are really sick) and you can’t nurse, they are used to taking a bottle. DH liked getting that one on one time too.
Precious photos, I only have 6 weeks left, before I get to meet my daughter (after 2 boys). :)

Sara says:

Amber and Brandon,
He is so cute and it is great to see Rocco is taking to him so great! You look great and I am glad things are going smoothly for you. The pictures are perfect and I too was wondering when the heck you decorated for Easter?

Heather says:

Congratulations Amber! I loved watching the video of Colin’s birth and have enjoyed following your pregnancy — heck, your wedding planning as well :)
Thanks for sharing it with us.

michelle.woods says:

Love, love, love the pictures. Can’t wait to do the same!

Sarah says:

He is beyond beautiful

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