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Weeks later…

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I’m here! Just busy as ever, you know the deal. Lots of scrapbook pages, photos and wedding stuff to share. Headed to Memphis for work for a few days…and always looking forward to the weekend! My job is keeping me busy than ever before and I’m in very much need of a vacation!!!!

Here’s a few undedited photos from Memorial Day camping…goodness that was almost a month ago wasn’t it???



And what’s camping without a little spiked watermelon for the adults??? ;)


Check y’all lata!


Ali Mclaughlin says:

Cute photos! I was wondering if you were ever going to update-. lol.

Vee says:

love your hat!!
watermelon is the best!!:)

christine says:

mmmm… yummy watermelon!

doris says:

oh my heavens . . . the bacardi melon is cracking me up . . . :D

Amber Ulmer says:

awesome! so fun!! camping a blast! We need to do it together sometime!

Well, Me also wonder why sometimes it happens like that. But thanks for elaborating the situation.

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