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If you are local to the Mt. Juliet area and possibly on our side of town (by the new high school) please keep your eyes out for our Oliver. He went missing yesterday and after searching our neighborhood till 2:30am, and up again at 6am, we have had no luck. He is a strict indoor only cat because he is declawed. He was wearing no tags (his collar was giving him a rash lately, argh) but is an AVID chip wearer. It is cold and rainy so we are hoping a nice person is letting him stay with them. More flyers to go up in the morning…I’m posting this just about everywhere I can to get the word out to find our guy. More prayers please!



And sadly, I found out yesterday that my parent’s dog and my childhood cocker spaniel, Misty, was hit by a car on Thanksgiving and later was put to sleep due to a severed spine and internal bleeding.

Finally, I’ve been following the blog of the Lyons Family and their courageous fight with cancer over the past few months. I am so sad to find that Julie had passed yesterday in her sleep. She was such a fighter and though I’ve only known them as a visitor to their blog, I feel a great sense of sadness for the Lyon family and friends. Prayers of comfort to them.

A heavy heart this weekend.


Lauren H. says:

Amber I am so sorry to hear about both Oliver and Misty. Wish I was there and could help in the search. I pray that as I’m typing this Oliver is safe and sound at home with you and Brandon.
Please tell your parents I’m sorry about Misty as well.
Thought from Nebraska to you!!

:( I’m so sorry!
We’re in Bellevue, but I’ll still be on the lookout, just in case!

stacey fike says:

i’m so sorry.
hope oli comes home soon!

Kim says:

AWE!!!!! HUGS! & hopes of a happy homecoming!

angela says:

i’m so sorry to hear about your kitty, i hope he finds his way back home—definitely keeping some good thoughts!

kristina says:

Aw, I’m so sorry about your cat, Amber and your family’s dog. I will be praying! I was also so sad to hear about Julie’s passing. I hate cancer. I hope your kitty finds its way home soon! Thinking of you!

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