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When Friends Break Up.

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It sucks.

I think this is our first set of friends, we have known together, that have broken up. And it hurts. How is it that I feel I got dumped too?

They were one of our first couple friends we met here. We watched their house get built across the street from us…we talked about how our kids would grow up together here…

And over the past year have shared so many memories and good times. And yes, sometimes you see things that maybe aren’t right, but who’s relationship is 100% perfect?

And now they are going their separate ways..and I’m left processing it all…analyzing all the what-ifs, what we could’ve done to help…and just kind of being sad about the end of it all…and all of the memories that we’d expected to make together…That’s probably the selfish one of all, all the what-could’ve-been’s that I’m sad about. I’m even a little bit angry…upset that they didn’t try harder to make it work…or attempt to fix what wasn’t working…

I guess all of this is a reminder that relationships are fragile, and to nurture them everyday.



Shannon B. says:

Hi Amber – just wanted to post to let you know that you’re not alone in that feeling. Our friends got divorced and it made me feel so upset. I couldn’t figure out why it was so upsetting because it wasn’t MY divorce for goodness sakes. My parents had divorced when I was a kid so you would think it wouldn’t be upsetting or anything. But you know what I think it might be? Its the fact that you’ve seen this couple happy and in love and sharing the same hopes and dreams that you and Brandon have. So it makes you feel like “If it happened to them….can it happen to us?” Even if you know your relationship is not in that place like theirs is, it makes you feel like no relationship is immune. Just let this draw you and Brandon closer together. Learn from their mistakes and let it serve as a reminder how important respect and communication are. (((hugs)))

Erin says:

Amen sister, it does suck. I stumbled upon your blog and then this entry and we are going through the same thing. Our very BEST couple friends that we did everything with are splitting up. And they’re pregnant, yeah, nice…he decided he’s not in love with her anymore. So I know I’m not supposed to take sides, but how can you not, right? She is pregnant and I am too…we were going to have so much fun raising our families together. And yeah that’s the selfish part of me, thinking of good times we won’t have together. But mostly I’m sad for her. It does feel like you’re going through it too, though, doesn’t it?

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