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87 visitors in the past 24 hours, and I don’t know many of you… So please, come out, come out whoever you are….I’d like to meet y’all.

look at that. already using y’all. i think i’ve used that word so much lately. it was *so* meant to be for us to be in nashville. (6 more days!)

So, anyway, I don’t have anything witty to post. So in true format, I’m stealing what everyone is doing on the blogs these days….

So all you lurkers and new visitors, ask me a question, any question. I may not have some profounding answer (is profounding a word?) but, I’ll answer anyway.

Can you tell I don’t have much to do in my second to last day at work? Heehee.


Nancy says:

Okay you already know I come on here…I’ve posted before. Hmm not creative in my thinking of questions tonight….what do you do in your spare time aside from scrapbooking/designing?

Kristyann says:

Waving!!!! Hi…. I am a frequent stopper-by!
Question: How do you think your doggie is going to like that long drive? We he need doggie Dramamine! haha.
Question: What colors/theme/accents do you plan to do you scrappin nook in?

Danni says:

I’ll play.
Do you have a new j-o-b lined up in TN or will you give Citrus Blossoms a big ol’ go?
And Merry Christmas to you if we don’t cross paths for the next couple days…busy busy!

Anna says:

Hey – I’m a frequent stopper byer -love your work!
My question: I’ve been thinking about taking up digital scrapbooking (been doing paper forever), how do you print your pages, or do you and if so how do they look? I like having something tangible and seeing all the 3d work.

Nicole says:

I think I linked to you through one of the many blogs I read. I lurk. I also think that you could’ve just said “profound” and it would have been correct.

Monica Franco says:

Really dig your digi scrapbooking, I’m actually getting into it and I’m debating if I should start digi scrapping, any hints or suggestions?

Lauren says:

Hi Amber! *waving*
So if you were to have a Christmas tree would it have been real or fake?
Have a very merry christmas girl!

Ali says:

Amber, you know I love your blog. My question is how did you meet your boyfriend, how long have you been dating.. and any marriage plans?
Also what college did you go to and describe your career now and maybe your dream career too.

Gabby says:

Hi Amber,
I am latina chick who lives in San Pedro CA. I started reading your blog a couple of months ago, and it may sound funny, but I am actually hooked on it, at least twice a week I gotta see what you are up to. I just like the way you express yourself about life and everything around it. BTW, your house in TN is beautiful!!’
Take Care
Gabby (“pedro chick” ;)

Dawn says:

memememe I’m just so nosy lol so I read blogs all over the place its fun to take a peek at other peoples lives :)

Maria says:

Oh I’m a “regular”…and even have your page linked to my blog to make it easy and come back as often as time permits. I love your blog! I guess I can ask you a question I’ve been thinking about myself today (because of the Christmas Art Journal prompt for today is making me to)…WHY DO YOU LOVE CHRISTMAS? By the way MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Lauren M says:

If I comment on yours you must comment on mine. So how can I tell how many people log on? I don’t think blogspot has that feature, and I would LOVE it if you made a banner for me. Something with…”Changing the world one snip at a time” and with hair and scissors in the background???? If that is too corny, shoot me right now. I can’t wait for you to get in to the new place – I must say I am jealous of all the customizations. We can’t afford the upgrades right now so you are living our dream, be-atch! So I have to ask, is the market really good there, or is Brandon doing that well? Whatever the scenario, congratulations and you both totally deserve it. Bitch.
PS. Start checking on flights to NC so you two can take a coastal Carolina vacay and we can catch up on old times. Miss you.

Kimberly Giarrusso says:

My question is (and maybe i missed the answer in a previous blog) Why are you moving? I love the house by the way.

Dawn says:

wow am i late to *this* party LOL! that’s what i get for neglecting my Bloglines updates for a while huh? i lurk. not sure how i got here even. following the never ending trail of blog linkage i suspect!
my question: what’s your favorite part about blogging?

Nikki H says:

Me, Me, Me :) lol I have been a reader of your blog for sometime now. I Found you from one of the girls who use to design layouts on your DT. I was looking through her gallery and saw some awesome patterns, so I followed the link she listed and I came upon your site. Girl you have got some mad talent! I have done a couple things with digital, but MAN OH MAN do I wish you would make some of those patterns into REAL paper lol. I would be all over that stuff! Have you ever thought about that? I promise to come out of lurkdom to comment here and there on your blog so you know I am one of the ones here and reading ;)

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